IEEE/RSJ International Conference on
Intelligent Robots and Systems
Vancouver, BC, Canada
September 24–28, 2017


Conference Paper Award Finalists and Winners


IROS 2017 Best Paper Award

  • Real-Time Trajectory Replanning for MAVs using Uniform B-splines and 3D Circular Buffer, Vladyslav Usenko, Lukas von Stumberg, Andrej Pangercic and Daniel Cremers
  • Morphological Computation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi, Raphael Deimel, Guido Mont´ufar, Vincent Wall, Oliver Brock
  • Repetitive extreme-acceleration (14-g) spatial jumping with Salto-1P [WINNER], Duncan W. Haldane, Justin K. Yim, and Ronald S. Fearing
  • A high speed motion capture method and performance metrics for studying gaits on an insect-scale legged robot,  Benjamin Goldberg, Neel Doshi, Kaushik Jayaram, Je-sung Koh, and Robert J. Wood 


IROS 2017 Best Student Paper Award

  • High-bandwidth 3D Force Feedback Optical Tweezers for Interactive Bio-manipulation, Munan Yin, Edison Gerena, Cecile Pacoret, Sinan Haliyo and Stephane Regnier
  • Socially Aware Motion Planning with Deep Reinforcement Learning [WINNER], Yu Fan Chen, Michael Everett, Miao Liu, and Jonathan P. How
  • The Deformable Quad-rotor: Design, Kinematics and Dynamics Characterization, and Flight Performance Validation, Na Zhao, Yudong Luo, Hongbin Deng and Yantao Shen
  • Design and Experimental Implementation of a Quasi-Direct-Drive Leg for Optimized Jumping, Yanran Ding, Hae-won Park


IROS ICROS Best Application Paper Award

  • Wire Detection Using Synthetic Data and Dilated Convolutional Networks for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Ratnesh Madaan, Daniel Maturana, Sebastian Scherer
  • A Multi-Track Elevator System for E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers [WINNER] Rachel M. Hoffman and H. Harry Asada
  • Cooperative Robotic Soldering of Flexible PCBs Xiang Li, Xing Su, and Yunhui Liu
  • Semi-Supervised Online Visual Crop and Weed Classification in Precision Farming Exploiting Plant Arrangement, Philipp Lottes, Cyrill Stachniss
  • In-field Segmentation and Identification of Plant Structures using 3D Imaging, Paloma Sodhi, Srinivasan Vijayarangan and David Wettergreen


IROS Best Paper Award on Safety, Security, and Recue Robotics
(in memory of Motohiro Kisoi) 

  • Anytime Hybrid Driving-Stepping Locomotion Planning, Tobias Klamt and Sven Behnke
  • Multi-Contact Balancing of Humanoid Robots in Confined Spaces: Utilizing Knee Contacts, Bernd Henze, Alexander Dietrich, M´aximo A. Roa, and Christian Ott
  • Development of Microphone-Array-Embedded UAV for Search and Rescue Task, Kazuhiro Nakadai, Makoto Kumon, Hiroshi G. Okuno, Kotaro Hoshiba, Mizuho Wakabayashi, Kai Washizaki, Takahiro Ishiki, Daniel Gabriel, Yoshiaki Bando, Takayuki Morito, Ryosuke Kojima, Osamu Sugiyama
  • Rapid Exploration with Multi-Rotors: A Frontier Selection Method for High Speed Flight, Titus Cieslewski , Elia Marc Kaufmann, Davide Scaramuzza
  • Development of a 20-m-long Giacometti Arm with Balloon Body Based on Kinematic Model with Air Resistance [WINNER], Masashi Takeichi, Koichi Suzumori, Gen Endo, Hiroyuki Nabae


IROS Best Paper Award on Cognitive Robotics
(sponsored by KROS) 

  • Socially Aware Motion Planning with Deep Reinforcement Learning, Yu Fan Chen, Michael Everett, Miao Liu, and Jonathan P. How
  • Task-oriented Grasping with Semantic and Geometric Scene Understanding [WINNER], Renaud Detry, Jeremie Papon Larry Matthies
  • Planetary Robotic Exploration Driven by Science Hypotheses for Geologic Mapping, Alberto Candela, David R. Thompson, Eldar Noe Dobrea, and David Wettergreen
  • Multidimensional Time Series Shapelets Reliably Detect and Classify Contact Events in Force Measurements of Wiping Actions, Simon Stelter, Georg Bartels, Michael Beetz


RoboCup Best Paper Award

  • Rebalance Control for Humanoid Walking Based on Online Foot Position Compensation, Tong Zhang, Chengju Liu
  • Online Visual Robot Tracking and Identification using Deep LSTM Networks [WINNER], Hafez Farazi and Sven Behnke
  • Intra-Robot Reactive Replanning to Enable Team Member Conditions, Philip Cooksey and Manuela Veloso


JTCF Novel Technology Paper Award for Amusement Culture

  • Tracking a Varying Number of People with a Visually-Controlled Robotic Head, Yutong Ban, Xavier Alameda-Pineda, Fabien Badeig, Sileye Ba, and Radu Horaud
  • Learn2Smile: Learning Non-Verbal Interaction through Observation, Will Feng, Anitha Kannan, Georgia Gkioxari, C. Lawrence Zitnick
  • A Two-layer Tactical System for an Air-Hockey-playing Robot, Hideaki Shimada, Yusuke Kutsuna, Shunsuke Kudoh, Takashi Suehiro
  • Fabrication, Modeling, and Control of Plush Robots [WINNER], James M. Bern, Grace Kumagai, and Stelian Coros
  • 1D Printing of Recyclable Robots Daniel Cellucci, Robert MacCurdy, Hod Lipson, and Sebastian Risi