World Robot Summit

October 17-21, 2018 World Robot Summit 2018 | August / October 2020 World Robot Summit 2020

World Robot Expo 2018

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Android Robot 'totto' Production Committee maxon Japan

An android of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, featuring the first public unveiling of new joint-developed AI.


Multimodal AI Robot that uses deep learning to control its robot arm in real time.

Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, S&T Office Tokyo*CYBATHLON

An international competition where people with disabilities collaborate with developers of advanced technology. The previously victorious Swiss team will come to Japan!


A display with panels and more mainly focusing on collaborative work between humans and cooperative robots with international safety certification that do not need a safety fence.

Haneda Robotics Lab

A display of robots that are scheduled for testing, and videos and more to introduce past verification tests conducted at Haneda Airport.

Harmonic Drive Systems

We will exhibit HarmonicDrive® which is widely used for industrial robots and applications requiring high-precision positioning, compact and lightweight.

Hiroyasu Iwata Lab., Waseda University

A dynamic display of a rich and new housekeeping assistance by a "third arm" - an adjustable limb that can be used by the worker intuitively and as necessary.


Innovation-Matrix Japan

Freight 100, an cooperative AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) that helps to improve efficiency of distribution warehouse, from American company Fetch,


Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Leave a Nest

Supporting manufacture of robot prototypes at Japanese small-scale factories for use in Japan and abroad at full speed, and provide robot subsidies and robot classes for elementary school-age children.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum Network

Man-Machine Synergy Effectors

Humanoid heavy machinery in a power amplification master-slave system developed based on core ideas and technology developed by Dr. Kanaoka.


Robot control simulation and algorithm development platform with MATLAB & Simulink.

maxon Japan

DC coreless motors, brushless servo motors, brushless flat motors, gear heads, and more.




Precision reduction gear RV series products for industrial robots, of which the company boasts a large market share, and gear head products that contain the company's products.


A display showing the near future of automation, systemization, and cooperation with displays of the cooperative robot CZ10 and the small robot MZ01

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Introduction of the AIST Robot strategy, display of large-scale structural assembly humanoid robots, and more

New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

A robot demonstration will be held to show the results of the NEDO Project that attract much public attention.

Next Technology

A cleaning robot that can measure odors: Osoji! Hanachan


Display of precision control decelerators and able decelerators for servo motors, as well as Shinpo's own traction drive.


"Cellphone x AI x Robot (Personal Mobility)" Introducing New Sightseeing and Living Circumambulation Support Services


A display of robots that contribute to improved productivity and product quality in places like construction sites and infrastructure improvement projects.


A display illustrating initiatives towards new cooperation between humans and machines in the field of manufacturing using mobile human-friendly robots incorporated with AI.

Queensland Government

Documents, Video etc.

QUT bluebox

After conducting a robotics accelerator with SoftBank Corporation in Brisbane, Australia, QUT bluebox will showcase existing and future robotics capabilities from Queensland, Australia with involvement from school aged children through to university graduates, further inspiring the creation of high growth ventures capable of working with robots and robotic related thchnologies.

Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative.

robot start

The robot and smart speaker information website Robotstart will distribute industry-specific maps.

ShinMaywa Industries

Humanoid heavy machinery in a power amplification master-slave system developed based on core ideas and technology developed by Dr. Kanaoka.


An introduction of automated grasping technologies including air chucks, electric grippers, and vacuum pads.

Sumitomo Corporation


As a comprehensive engineering company engaged in community development, we contribute to the creation of a robot that will be active in the towns of the future.


DOBOT Robot Art Solutions: From Industry 4.0 to STEM Education.

The Kansai Electric Power

As a user company, we will display panels that illustrate how we hope to use robots at our company.

The Robotics Society of Japan

A display with information about academic activities


RT system solutions to build a Smart next-generation robot

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings

Exhibition of panels and actual robots developed to be used in the electric power industry and waste furnace-related uses.


Next-generation vision system for remote-controlled robots and VR system concepts for implementation with service robots.



Robot system that maximizes return on investment through integration of robots, conveyance systems, peripheral equipments, and operation.


Demonstration of ten small robots that can work together to assemble and disassemble, demonstration of robots that can work together with humans, and more.

Local Government Exhibition

As part of World Robot Expo 2018, the World Robot Summit and local governments of Japan are excited to host various study tours where participants can see and experience the most advanced robots being used in different parts of Japan.

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