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October 17-21, 2018 World Robot Summit 2018 | August / October 2020 World Robot Summit 2020

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  • Oct.18 (Thu.)
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Stage Programs

Oct.17 (Wed.)

Main Stage (500seats)

10:10-11:30The 8th Robot Award Awards Ceremony (6M-1)

This award ceremony will recognize the people behind Japan's excellent robots, parts, software, and advanced utilzation of above, as well as research, development, and skills training.

12:30-14:00WRS Opening Forum - Robotics for Happiness (6M-2)

The opening forum will introduce the purpose of holding the WRS and the future of life and industry with robots under the theme of "Robotics for Happiness."

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (TBD)

"Title (TBD)"
World Robot Summit Executive Committee Chairperson, (The University of Tokyo Emeritus Professor,)
Tomomasa Sato

"Title (TBD)"
Japan Robot Association Chairperson
Yasuhiko Hashimoto

"AI for Accessibility"
IBM Fellow
Chieko Asakawa

14:30-16:00WRS Robotics Forum - Strategies for Creating a Future with Robots (6M-3)

This forum will introduce the robot strategies of the companies supporting WRS, as well as their latest development trends.

"Past, Present and Near Future of Robot Technologies"
FANUC CORPORATION Director Executive Managing Officer General Manager, ROBOT Business Division
Kiyonori Inaba

Lecture of Sumitomo Corporation

"Autonomy in Human Environments"
Humatics Corporation CEO
Dr. David Mindell

"NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION's approach on the robotics market"
NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION Member of the Board, First Senior Vice President
Hitoshi Inoue

Stage A (200seats)

10:15-15:40NEDO Robot and AI Forum 2018 (6A-1)

There will be sessions on AI, drones, and automatic driving, as well as an introduction to NEDO's initiatives, and the latest technology trends. There will also be a lecture based on the theme, "Towards Future Social Implementation" that will discuss what will be necesary with regards to social implementation from now on.


[Opening Session]

"Opening Address"
Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Director General,AI Promotion Division,Director World Robot Summit Team
Shuji Yumitori

[AI Session]

"Activities of NEDO AI Promotion"
Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Director
Koji Kanayama

"AI for Robotics"
Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) AIST Fellow, Director of AIRC
Junichi Tsujii

"Communication design in medical chatbot"
AR advanced technology, Inc R&D Services Unit Unit Manager
Toru Takabayashi

"Smart society for enjoying long healthy life - Developing AI smart coaching technology that facilitates voluntary skill-up for elderlies"
Hiroshima University Professor, Assistant to the President by Special Appointment
Yuichi Kurita

[Stealth Adaptation in AI and Application to Autonomous Training]
Hiroshima University Office of Academic Research
Ramin Tadayon


[Drone Session]

"Integration of Commercial RPAS into Global, Non-Segregated Airspace"
The Padina Group Senior Partner
John Walker

"Drones and Robots for Ecologically Sustainable Societies project"
Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Deputy Dorector, Project Manager
Kazuhiko Miyamoto

"How far is the "industrial revolution in the sky"? Issues and prospects"
Japan Drone Consortium Chairman
Chiba University Emeritus Professor
Kenzo Nonami

"Implementation toward "Sky Network" necessary for safe drone aviation"
ZENRIN Co., Ltd. Vice President & Head of IoT Business
Michio Takegawa

[Autonomous Driving Session]

"SIP Automated Driving for Universal Services (SIP-adus) R&D Plan"
Robot and Artificial Intelligence Technology Department, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) Dorector General, Project Manager
Shigekazu Hayashi

"Next Generation Automated Public Transport Systems associate with City structure development"
University of Tsukuba Professor
Masayuki Kawamoto

"Challenge for the flying car 'SkyDrive' development project."
Kenichi Yamamoto

16:00-17:00A Future Society Where We Live with Robots (6A-3)

It is without question that robots will come into our lives in the near future. How will our societies change through interactions with robots? How will the relationships between robots and humans change? In this session we will consider the hopes and challenges we are likely to face in a future society where we live with robots.

Prof.Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Engineering Osaka Universit
Minoru Asada

Project Assisstant Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute University of Tokyo
Arisa Ema

Flower Robotics, Inc. Founder and CEO
Tatuya Matsui

Tamagawa University Professor
Hiroyuki Okada

Stage Programs

Oct.18 (Thu.)

Main Stage (500seats)

10:30-12:00WRS Robotics Forum - Strategies for Creating a Future with Robots (6M-4)

This forum will introduce the robot strategies of the companies supporting WRS, as well as their latest development trends.

"Kawasaki opens up a future where robots and humans live and work side-by-side"
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. Senior Manager, Marketing and Business Planning Department Robot Business Division
Tomonori Sanada

Evolution of "Relationship between People and Robots" Improved by Omron
OMRON Corporation Executive Officer, Senior General Manager
Shinji Fukui

"Innovation of manufacturing by innovation of robot technology and "i3-mechatronics""
YASKAWA Electric corporation Department manager Technology & Planning department Corporate Technology Division
Yoshimitu Sonohara

13:30-14:45Robots and ICT Creating the Future of Agriculture (6M-5)

A discussion of the future and possibilities of agriculture utilizing robots, ICT, and more.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Hiroyuki Suematsu

M2Labo. Inc. President
Yuriko Kato

Japan Research Institute
Yasufumi Miwa

Research Institute for Re-Creation of Humanity and Nature
Masaki Komiyama

15:30-16:30Robotics Startup Summit (Part 1) (6M-6)

Co-organized: Japan Open Innovation Council (JOIC)
Cooperation: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, SMBC Nikko Securities, Incubation & Innovation Initiative (III)

This session will introduce the current situation and trends in the robot and the hard tech startup scene in Japan and across the world. A CEO of a successful robot-related startup will talk about the reason for founding the company, its vision, current efforts, challenges unique to robot startups, and a message to people thinking about founding their own companies.

"Opening 1"
NEDO President,
Hiroshi Oikawa

"Opening 2"
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation.
Teiko Kudo

"Successful Factors for Robotics Startups considered by Mirai Creation Fund."
SPARX Asset Management Co., Ltd. Head of Investment for Next-generation Growth Division
Takaki Demichi

"Robotics Startups in Silicon Valley"
Managing Editor Journalist, publisher
Noriko Takiguchi

"Robotics has barely started…"
Seismic CEO/Founder
Rich Mahoney

16:45-18:30Robotics Startup Summit (Part 2) (6M-6)

Co-organized: Japan Open Innovation Council (JOIC)
Cooperation: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, SMBC Nikko Securities, Incubation & Innovation Initiative (III)


Kyoto Robotics Corporation CEO, Professor of Ritsumeikan Univ.
Gang Xu

Meltin MMI CEO
Masahiro Kasuya

WHILL Co-Founder & CTO
Muneaki Fukuoka

LinkWiz CEO
Go Fukino

Telexistence COO

YUKAI Engineering CEO
Shunsuke Aoki


Stage A (200seats)

10:30-11:30ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge Forum (6A-4)

The Cabinet Office ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge is the result of research and development from 2014 to 2018, and produced many world-firsts, world's-only, and world-class results. This forum will be an introduction of its main achievements.

Professor Graduate School of Information Sciences Tohoku University
Satoshi Tadokoro

"Skillful construction robot with remote-control function"
Research Professor, Osaka University
Hirosi Yoshinada

"Cyber-enhanced rescue canine whose searching ability is extended by robot technology"
Associate Professor, Tohoku University
Kazunori Ohno

12:00-13:30Standards for Future Intelligent Robots (6A-5)

Co-hosted: IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE RAS), and IEEE Standard Association (IEEE-SA)

Standardization will play a big role in whether robots become commercial products that are used widely in society. IEEE has already contributed to the development of society through international standardization. This session will feature a discussion of standardization for the coming robot society.

1) Japanese government strategy for robotics and standards
Mr. Ari Ugayama, Robot Policy Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

2) Activities of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Prof. Satoshi Tadokoro, Tohoku University, President 2016-2017 IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

3) Activities of IEEE Standards Association
Mr. Jing Walter Sun, Senior Manager, IEEE Standard Association

4) Paving the Future with IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Standards
Prof. Edson Prestes, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Vice-Chair of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Standing Committee for Standards Activities

14:00-15:00Direction of Developing Disaster Response Robots by Utilising Lessons Learned From the Great East Japan Earthquake (6A-6)

Co-organized: Fukushima Prefecture, Fukushima Innovation Coast Framework, JAEA

Lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake dictate the direction of development for disaster response robots. In addition, there will be an introduction of the testing plant that will open this autumn at Fukushima RTF, which is one of the WRS venues.

ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge, Program Manager
Tohoku University, JCO/JST Professor, Graduate School of Information Sciences
Satoshi Tadokoro

"Title (TBD)"
Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology, Office of Test Infrastructure for Remote Technology, Manager
Kuniaki Kawabata

Fukushima Prefectural Government
Director Robot Industry Promotion Unit Business Creation Division Commerce,Industry & Labour Department
Akifumi Kitashima

16:00-17:00Implementing the Next Generation of Robots for Society (6A-7)

Cooperation: RobiZy

The University of Tokyo Professor,Dr,Eng. Department of Precision Engineering School of Enineering
Hajime Asama

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
Hiroyasu Kitagawa

Workshop Venue East Halls 7 (100seats)

13:00-13:40The Latest Technologies of FANUC Robots (7W-3)

FANUC CORPORATION Officer, Chief Technical Advisor、ROBOT Business Division
Shinsuke Sakakibara

14:00-14:40The future that builds with collaborative robot COBOTTA (7W-4)


15:00-15:40The New Role of Robots in Society (7W-5)

THK CO., LTD. Head of Robot Unit Business Planning Section Industrial Machinery IMT (Innovation Mechatronics Technology) Division
Masahiro Uchiyama

Stage Programs

Oct.19 (Fri.)

Main Stage (500seats)

10:15-11:45National Forum of Smart-Manufacturing Supporting Organizations (6M-7)

Subsequent to the National Liaison Conference of Support Organizations for Smart Monodzukuri (National Smart Monodzukuri Conference) held in December last year, METI is planning this time to hold the National Forum of Smart-Manufacturing Support Organizations. In order to accelerate "Connected Industries", the Forum aims for networking extensive efforts and sharing cross-industrial know-hows and issues, activates connections between bases, both existing and potential ones, and further promotes information sharing. As a new approach, the Forum this time will provide poster presentation sessions in addition to introduction of case examples. We hope that you frankly share issues with us which cannot be overcome by one base alone, and also to share any problems and thoughts which come to your mind in everyday business activities.

Co-organized:Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Yoji Ueda

[Policy Introduction]
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Hiromi Sakamoto
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

[Case Study]
*Northern Advancement Center for Science & Technology.
Mari Obara
*Maruyama Shuji
*Nagaoka City Office.
Tetsuya Yamada
*Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation.
Tasuku Suzuki
*Industrial Technology Innovation Center of Ibaraki Prefecture.
Kenji Dairiki
*The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry / The Ome Chamber of Commerce and Industry / OmeGas Co.,Ltd.
Yosuke Nakamura


13:00-17:00The Robot Revolution and Industrial IoT International Symposium 2018 (6M-8)

Co-hosted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Robot Revolution & Industrial IoT Initiative

[Welcoming Remarks]
Mr. Koji Inoue
(Director-General, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

[Speech 1]

"Update from RRI: Systematic approach by creating Future Images with Industrial IoT"(TBD)
Mr. Hideaki Omiya (Chairperson, RRI)

<Session 1> Business Future images of Manufacturing and Service with IIoT
[Speech 2]
"Digital Transformation / Industrie 4.0 in Germany: status quo and way ahead"
Mr. Markus Heß (Deputy Director General, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)

[Speech 3]
"Horizon Europe and future images of industry from Europe"
Mr. Thomas Walloschke (Director, Fujitsu Distinguished Engineer, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH, AIOTI chair of Steering Board and WG11 chair)

[Speech 4]
"Initiatives on Smart Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation of Industrial Cities"
Prof. Dong Sub Kim (Head, Institute for Future Industry Strategy/Chair Professor, UNIST)

[Keynote Speech]
"Plattform Economy needs international actions" (TBD)
Dr. Henning Kagermann (Chair of the Board of Trustees, acatech)

[Panel Discussion]
Moderator: Mr. Naoaki Fujino (Leader of Intelligence and marketing team, RRI, NRI)
Dr. Henning Kagermann
Mr. Markus Heß
Mr. Thomas Walloschke
Prof. Dong Kim
Mr. Kiyoshi Mizukami (Industrial IoT Chief Specialist, RRI / Hitachi)

<Session 2> Harmonizing Smart Manufacturing Standards with Future Images, including Industrial Security
[Speech 5]
"Platform Economy and Standardization" (TBD)
Dr. Ulrich Löwen (Plattform Industrie 4.0 / Senior Principal Key Expert Engineer, Siemens)

[Speech 6]
"Platform Economy and Trustworthiness standardization
Dr. Wolfgang Klasen (Plattform Industrie 4.0 / Head of Security for Embedded Systems, Industry4.0, IoT, Siemens)

[Panel Discussion]
Moderator: Prof. Fumihiko Kimura (Chairman of International Standard AG, RRI / The Univ. of Tokyo)
Dr. Ulrich Löwen
Mr. Takenori Baba (Use Case TF, RRI / Mitsubishi Electric)
Dr. Wolfgang Klasen
Dr. Takeshi Yoneda (Industrial Security AG, RRI / Mitsubishi Electric)

[Closing Remarks]
Michitaka Nakatomi (Management Secretary, RRI)

Stage A (200seats)

13:30-14:30Cutting-edge Robotcs Technology Creating the Future and Social Change (6A-8)

This lecture will focus on the future role expected of robotics in the nursing care and welfare fields.

"Pioneering the Future "Society 5.0" and Social Innovation -Cybernics: Fusion of Humans, Robots and Information Systems-"
University of Tsukuba, Center for Cybernics Research, Professor and Executive Research Director, Program Manager, JST/Cabinet Office of Japan Founder/CEO CYBERDYNE
Yoshiyuki Sankai

ETH Zurich Department of Health Sciences and Technology CYBATHLON
Lukas Jäger

15:00-17:00Regional Promotion Through Robotics (6A-9)

Real-life examples from municipalities in Japan and abroad that are promoting the sort of social implementation of robots that WRS aims for.

World Robot Summit Executive Committee Chairperson
(The University of Tokyo Emeritus Professor,) Tomomasa Sato

Aichi Pref.
Hidenori Tsuzuki

Osaka Pref.
Masayoshi Yamada

Kanagawa Pref.
Takaki Hoshi

Fukushima Pref.
Yoshitaka Sekine

Kitakyusyu City Office
Norio Nishioka

Sagamihara City Ofiice
Shigeki Tomioka

Chiba City Office.
Katsuyoshi Inou

Royal Danish Embassy
Investment Manager/Invest in Denmark
Kensuke Nakajima

Journalist, publisher
Noriko Takiguchi

Workshop Venue East Halls 7 (100seats)

10:20-11:00Transition of request to precision control speed reducer and its correspondence (7W-7)

NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION Vice President Research and Development

11:20-12:00IHI Field Robotics (7W-8)

IHI Corporation Associate Director, Technical Advisor Corporate Research & Development Technical Advisor
Hiroki Murakami

12:20-13:00The productivity innovation that collaborative robots open up (7W-9)

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. FA Solution Division 2, Robot Business Division, Precision Machinery & Robot Company Associate Officer, General Manager
Shogo Hasegawa

13:20-14:00Introduction of Harmonic Drive® (Mechanism and its Birth and Development) (7W-10)

Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. Executive Officer Harmonic Drive Laboratory Fellow (CTO)
Yoshihide Kiyosawa

14:20-15:00Advancing Production Field with Robotic Automation (7W-11)


15:20-16:00The ultra fast delivery parts by 3D data (7W-12)

MISUMI Group Inc. 3D2M Marketing Group Chief Director
Satoru Yoshida

16:20-17:00e-F@ctory, AI and Intelligent robot - How to realize innovation in Smart Automation (7W-13)

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Robot Manufacturing Department Senior Manager
Takashi Arai

Stage Programs

Oct.20 (Sat.)

Main Stage (500seats)

11:00-12:00Robots × Entertainment - The Digital Future (6M-9)

"Robots inspired by animation characters"
Research Scientist Disney Research
Joohyung Kim

"Tittle (TBD)"
Gatebox lab, CEO
Minori Takechi

12:30-13:15The Age of the Robot (6M-10)

Dr Chris Jones of American company iRobot will give a lecture about his approach to robotics. What is the future position of robots that can create value for consumers in a variety of industries and make smart homes achievable?

iRobot Corporation, Vice president of Technology
Dr. Chris Jones

13:45-15:00Robots × AI Creating the Future (6M-11)

U. A. and Helen Whitaker University Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Takeo Kanade

Toyota Research Institute CEO
Gill Pratt

15:30-16:00WRS Robotics Forum - Strategies for Creating a Future with Robots (6M-12)

This forum will introduce the robot strategies of the companies supporting WRS, as well as their latest development trends.

[Talk Session]

Associate Professor, Faculty of System Design of Tokyo Metropolitan University
Kazuyoshi Wada

Stage A (200seats)

10:30-12:00Robots + AI + Education (6A-10)

A discussion from both industrial and educational circles on how robots and AI can play an active role in education in order to prepare learners for the future.

Founder, the RoboCup Federation / President and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. / Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Hiroaki Kitano

Domabotics Director / WRS Junior Competition Committee
Damien Kee

Toyota Research Institute Systems Engineer
Michael Sudano

RoboCup Federation, Vice President representing RoboCupJunior, Board of Trustee member/Associate Professor of Education, Bloomfield College
Dr. Amy Eguchi

13:00-13:50[Part 1] Communication Robots - Verifying Theories of What and How Much They Can Do (6A-12)

Co-organized: Robosta / Robot Start Inc.

A showcase of cutting edge usage examples of communication robots by their developers.

i-labo,inc. CEO
Go Ito

Yoshimichi Suemune

Keio Research Institute at SFC Senior Researcher
Hiromi Shirai

YOSHIMOTO ROBOTICS LABORATORY, INC. President & Representitive Director

ROBOTSTART, INC. Vice President
Takenori Kitagamae

14:00-14:50[Part 2] Young Women Discuss Their True Feelings on Life with Robots - Pros and Cons of Robots (6A-11)

Co-organized: Robosta / Robot Start Inc.

Three young women living with robots will take the stage. What will their true feelings tell us about the appeal of robots?

Mercari, Inc. R4D Producer / Robot Partner
Tomomi Ota

Relations Creator
Ayano Ryugo

ROBOT Dilettante
Rie Naoi

robot start inc.
Ryosuke Mochizuki

Stage Programs

Oct.21 (Sun.)

Main Stage (500seats)

10:30-12:00WRS Robotics Forum - Strategies for Creating a Future with Robotics (6M-13)

This forum will introduce the robot strategies of the companies supporting WRS, as well as their latest development trends.

"Title (TBD)"
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Hiroyuki Oota

"Future manufacturing by using advanced industrial robots"
NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP. Senior Corporate Officer
Akira Kunisaki

"Title (TBD)"
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
Junji Takehara

12:30-13:15Looking to a Future Woven by Humans, Robots, and Outer Space (6M-14)

Astronaut Naoko Yamazaki talks about the future of humans and robots living together and robots working in space.

Naoko Yamasaki

Experience &
Demonstration Programs

Experience &
Demonstration Programs

  • Experience
    Play ping-pong with AI Robot "FORPHEUS"

    Supported by
    East Hall 6

    You can experience a human-robot collaboration where FORPHEUS will personalize its moves to help you improve your skills.
    *We will accept participation at the venue on the day.

    Play ping-pong with AI Robot FORPHEUS

  • Demonstration

    Supported by
    the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan
    East Hall 6

    CYBATHLON is an international competition for people with disabilities and developers of cutting-edge technology joining forces to overcome challenges of everyday life. The Swiss team that won the gold medal in the first CYBATHLON will perform a demo going up and down stairs with its powered wheelchair.
    *Schedule is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Hands-on Experience
    Program de Robot-Sumo Oct.20(Sat.) / 21(Sun.) only

    Supported by
    East Hall 6

    Programming lecture using “Proro” of the latest learning robot, produced from the Robot-Sumo will be held. Demonstration will also be performed by world-class top players.
    *Application method will be announced on the website.

    Program de Robot-Sumo

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