EDTM - a Brief History

Launched in 2017 in Toyama, Japan, and sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS). EDTM is fast becoming a flagship conference of IEEE EDS, with expanded focus on Advanced Technology Manufacturing. In 2018, EDTM was successfully held in Kobe, Japan, and it was very well attended by more than 300 attendees and supported by close to 40 companies. EDTM is rapidly becoming a premier conference for the electron devices community, providing an unique forum to focus on research and development from leading universities and manufacturing companies worldwide on a broad range of device-related topics including materials, processes, devices, packaging, modeling, reliability, manufacturing, and yield. The conference location rotates among countries in Asia, coming to Singapore for the first time in 2019.

Mission of EDTM 2019

The 3rd Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing (EDTM) Conference 2019 is a full four-day conference to be held in Singapore from March 12th to 15th, 2019, fully sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS).
As semiconductor technology scaling challenges continues to grow, so should the industries collaborative efforts to overcome them must increase. The EDTM is intended to serve as a forum for the electron devices community to collaborate on topics ranging from devices, process/tools, materials, modeling/simulation, packaging and manufacturing, to create new and innovative technologies.

Geok Ing Ng

General Co-chair of EDTM 2019
Nanyang Technologycal University

MK Radhakrishnan

General Co-Chair of EDTM 2019
NanoRel Technical Consultants