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Southeast United States and Jamaica

IEEE Region 3 Region & ExCom Meetings - March 2012

Last modified: 18 April 2012

Zip file of 2012-03 web space for those who would like to put web space on your notebook.


Held in conjunction with SoutheastCon 2012

Wyndham Orlando Resort 8001 International Dr Orlando, Florida 32819 Phone:1-407-3512420

To register for the conference and to make hotel reservations go to the conference web site above.

The ExCom meeting will be a combination teleconference / e-conference using WebEx Conferencing Service.

Administrative Items


Date Time, EST Meeting Convener
5 March 2011 9:00p - 11:00p Region 3 ExCom Meeting Green

Date Time, EDT Meeting Room Convener
16 March 2012 3:00p - 5:00p Strategic Planning Committee Azalea A Ratcliff
5:30p - 7:00p Open Reception / Poster Session Palms Salon E
5:30p - 7:00p SPC Dinner (by invitation only) Ratcliff
7:00p - 9:00p Area/Council Meetings
Area 1 (VA) Azalea A Dowdell
Area 2/North Carolina Council Palms Salon B Weldon
Area 3 (GA) Palms Salon C Lee
Area 4/Florida Council Palms Salon A Wu
Area 5/Tennessee Council Azalea B Bigelow
Area 6 (AL/MS) Palms Salon D Ogan
Area 7/South Carolina Council Oleander A Carroll
Area 8 (IN, KY) / Area 9 (Jamaica) Oleander B Parr/Roberts
9:00p - 11:00p Area/Council Chairs meet with Director Palms Salon A Green
17 March 2012 7:00a - 8:00a Breakfast Buffet Palms Salon E
7:00a - 8:00a Finance Committee Azalea A Hill
8:00a - noon Region 3 Meeting and Workshops Jasmine Green
Member Engagement Ratcliff
- Breakout: Technical Growth Largo Key Marshall
- Breakout: Professional Growth Jasmine Hill
- Breakout: Public Imperative Longboat Key Shadwell
noon - 1:00p Lunch, IEEE-USA Presidential Candidates Palma Salon E
noon - 1:00p - Gary Blank Palma Salon E Blank
noon - 1:00p - Lee Stogner Palma Salon E Stogner
1:00p - 2:30p Engagement Workshop Results Jasmine Green
2:30p - 5:30p Region 3 Meeting - Section Reports Jasmine Green
2:30p - 5:30p - Engagement Activities Jasmine Green
2:30p - 5:30p - Activities Focused Outward Jasmine Green
2:30p - 5:30p - Barriers Jasmine Green
5:30p - 6:00p Women in Engineering Meet and Greet Azalea A-B Davis
6:00p - 9:00p Awards Banquet, Hardware Contest Finals Palms Salon E-H
18 March 2012 7:00a - 8:00a Breakfast Buffet Palms Salon E
7:00a - 8:00a Conference Task Force Azalea A-B Conrad
8:15a - noon Region 3 Committee Meeting Palms Salon G-H Green
12:30p - 2:30p Conference Debriefing (by Invitation only) Azalea A-B SoutheastCon 2012


Meals, etc.

Be sure to network with other Region 3 volunteers during these times. Meals not listed are "on your own".

Date /Time Event Location
5:30p - 7:00p Open Reception Palms Salon E
7:00a - 8:00a Breakfast Palms Salon E
noon - 1:00p Lunch Palms Salon E
6:00p - 9:00p Awards Banquet Palms Salon E
7:00a - 8:00a Breakfast Palms Salon E


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