This conference provides a unique forum to discuss practical approaches and state of the art findings in using the applied electrical engineering and computing technologies to solve national problems that face Jordan and other developing countries. This conference is the fourth of a series of conferences organized by the IEEE - Jordan Section.


The University of Jordan

Amman, Jordan

Event Date
Paper Submission Deadline: April 30, 2017 -> Extended to June 21, 2017
Notification of Acceptance: June 18, 2017-> Extended to July 6, 2017 >
Final Submission and Author Registration Deadline: Aug 27, 2017
Attendee Early Registration Deadline: Aug 27, 2017
Conference Dates: Oct 11-13, 2017




  • Softcopy Proceedings
  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library
  • Selected extended papers will be invited to appear in journals (check the Call for Papers page for more details).


Advisory Committee

Ghanim Putrus, Northumbria University, UK
Issa Batarseh, University of Central Florida, USA
Karem Sakallah, The University of Michigan, USA
Eesa Bastaki, University of Dubai, UAE
Saleh A. Alshebeili, King Saud University, KSA
V. Chandrasekar, Colorado State University, USA
Adel Gastli, Qatar University, Qatar
Marwan Krunz, The University of Arizona, USA
Mazen Abdel-Salam, Assiut University, Egypt
Mohamed K Abdelazeez, The University of Jordan, Jordan
Osama Shana'a, MediaTek USA Inc., USA
Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, University of Ottawa, Canada
Thies Wittig, IT Consult GmbH, Germany
Kira Kastell, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Ahmed Kamal, Iowa State University, USA
Harald Loose, Brandenburg Uni. of Applied Sciences, Germany
Rolf Biesenbach, Bochum Uni. of Applied Sciences, Germany
Hossan Afifi, Telecom SudParis, France
Isam Zabalawi, Arab Academy For Banking and Financial Sciences, Egypt
Ahmad Hiasat, Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Jordan
Mohmed-Slim Alouini, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA
Manfred Lohoefener, Mersburg Uni. of Applied Sciences, Germany

General Chair

Gheith Abandah, IEEE - Jordan Section

Vice Chair

Tarek Tutunji, Philadelphia Univ.

Technical Program Chairs

Ghazi Al Sukkar, Univ. of Jordan
Essam Qaralleh, Princess Sumaya Univ. for Technology


Khalid Jaber, Al-Zaytoonah Univ.


Yousef Jaradat, Al-Zaytoonah Univ.

Organization Chair

Mudar Almaani, Al-Hussein Bin Talal Univ.

Local Arrangements Chairs

Iyad Jafar, The University of Jordan
Ramzi Saifan, The University of Jordan

Publicity & Public Relations

Mwaffaq Otoom, Yarmouk Univ.
Omar Daoud, Philadelphia Univ.
Mohammad Salah, Tabuk Univ.

Publications Chair

Ibrahim Al-oqily, Hashemite Univ.

Volunteers Coordinator & Web Admin

Feras Diab, IEEE Jordan Section
Track Chairs
Biomedical Engineering                  Awad Al-zaben, Yarmouk Univ.
Communications                              Alaa Khalifeh, German Jordanian Univ.
Computer Eng. and Networks        Abdel-Karim Al-Tamimi, Yarmouk Univ.
Control and Mechatronics              Lutfi Al-Sharif, Univ. of Jordan
IT Applications and Systems          Ali Maqousi, Petra Univ.
Power and Energy Systems           Eyad Abu-Al-Feilat, Univ. of Jordan
Industrial Projects and Applied Research          Yousef Al-Abdallat, Faculty for Factory (FFF) program

Technical Program Committee 

Abdallah Al Zyoud,Al-Balaqa' Applied University, Jordan
Adham Sharkawi,The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Ahmed Salama,Alexandria University, Egypt
Ahmed Tamrawi,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Ali El-Mousa,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Ali Shatnawi,Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Amjad Omar,American University of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Anas Alsobeh,Yarmouk University, Jordan & Utah State University, USA
Ashraf Khalil,University of Benghazi, Libya
Ayman El-Hag,American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Baha' Alsaify,Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Bilal Masood,Superior University, Lahore, Pakistan
Damian Giaouris,Centre for Research and Technology Hellas & Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute, Greece
Feras Diab,Converged Technology, Jordan
Haithem Al-Mefleh,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Hansheng Wu,Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan
He-Ming Ruan,National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Hiam Alquran,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Hussein Al-Masri,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Iman Almomani,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Isam Abu Qasmieh,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Issam Smadi,JUST, Jordan
Jamal Rahhal,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Khair Al shamaileh,Purdue University, Northwest, USA
Khaled Younis,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Manal Bzoor,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Mohammad Ababneh,The Hashemite University, Jordan
Mohammad Abdel-Majeed,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Mohammad Al Janaideh,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Mohammad Al-Jarrah,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Mohammad Hawa,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Mohammad Mashagbeh,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Mohammad Masoud,Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan
Mohammad Momani,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Mohammad Sharawi,King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia
Mohammed Akour,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Mohammed Haj-Ahmed,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Mohammed Lazim,University of philadelphia, Jordan
Mones Omari,Philadelphia University, Jordan
Mousa AL-Akhras,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Muder Almiani,Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan
Muhannad Quwaider,Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Musa Al Yaman,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Noor Awad,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Omar Mohamed,Princess Sumaya University of Technology, Jordan
Osama Al-Khaleel,Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan
Osameh Al Kofahi,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Othman Othman Mashargah,Mutah University, Jordan
Ousama Abu Safia,Universite du Quebec, Canada
Raed Al-Aaridhi,University of Duesseldorf, Germany
Raed Amro,PPU, Palestine
Raed Taleb Al-Zubi,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Sahban Alnaser,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Saher Albatran,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Said Abushamleh,University of Nebraska at Kearney, USA
Sami Aldalahmeh,Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan , Jordan
Sami Hamdan,Yarmouk University, Jordan
Saud Althunibat,Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Jordan
Sufyan Almajali,Princess Sumaya University of Technology, Jordan
Syed Zohaib Naqvi,University of Enginnering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan
Waleed Dweik,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Yahia Makableh,King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau, Jordan
Yanal Faouri,The University of Jordan, Jordan
Yara Khawaja,Newcastle University, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Yousef Jaradat,Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Jordan
Zakariya Dalala,German Jordanian University, Jordan
Zakaryia Rajab,University of Benghazi, Libya
Abdelmadjid Recioui,Universitry of Boumerdes,Algeria
Ahmad Al-Omari,Yarmouk University,Jordan
Ahmad Atieh,University of Jordan,Jordan
Amel Baha Houda Adamou-Mitiche,University of DJELFA,Algeria
Amin Al-Habaibeh,United kingdom,United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Anas Abudoleh,phD,Jordan
Areen Al-bashir,Jordan University of Science and Technology,Jordan
Ashraf Saleem,Sultan Qaboos University,Oman
Bahaa Al-Sheikh,Yarmouk University,Jordan
Bassam Al-Naami,Hashemite University,Jordan
Eman Hammad,University of Toronto,Canada
Gheith Abandah,The University of Jordan,Jordan
Giuseppe De Pietro,ICAR CNR,Italy
Hussein Alzoubi,Yarmouk University,Jordan
Ibrahim Al-Oqily,Hashemite University,Jordan
Iyad Jafar,The University of Jordan,Jordan
Izzat Alsmadi,University of Texas A&M San Antonio,USA
Jamal Al-Nabulsi,Hashemite University,Jordan
Joao Catalao,FEUP - Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto,Italy
Khaled Alawasa,Mutah University,Jordan
Khaled Almakadmeh,Hashemite University,Jordan
Lahcène Mitiche,University of Djelfa,Algeria
Luay Fraiwan,Jordan University of Science and Technology,Jordan
Maen Alassaf,The University of Jordan,Jordan
Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub,Jordan University of Science and Technology,Jordan
Majid Al-Taee,University of Liverpool,United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Mohamed Abdelazeez,University of Jordan,Jordan
Mohamed Abid,University of Gabes,Tunisia
Mohammad Al-Shabi,University of Sharjah,United Arab Emirates
Mohammad Jaradat,American University of Sharjah,United Arab Emirates
Mohammad Zeki Khedher,The University of Jordan,Jordan
MOhammed Abedelazeez,University of Jordan,Jordan
Mohammed Abu Mallouh,Hashemite University,Jordan
Mohammed Bataineh,Yarmouk University,Jordan
Muhammad Usman Akram,CEME NUST,Pakistan
Nadim Obeid,The University of Jordan,Jordan
Nael Abu-Ghazaleh,University of California, Riverside,USA
Nihad Dib,Jordan University of Science and Technology,Jordan
Nikola Rendevski,"St. Kliment Ohridski" University - Bitola,Italy
Omar Al-Kadi,University of Jordan,Jordan
Osama Abu-Sharkh,Princess Sumaya University For Technology,Jordan
Oussama Hamid,University of Magdeburg (Germany),Iraq
Qasem Qananwah,Yarmouk University,Jordan
Rabah Al Abdi,Jordan University of Science and Technology,Jordan
Ramzi Saifan,Umiversity of Jordan,Jordan
Saher Manaseer,The University of Jordan,Jordan
Saqib Munawwar,NED University of Engineering and Technology,Pakistan
Stefan Fischer,University of Lubeck,Germany
Upasna Vishnoi,Marvell Semiconductor Inc,USA
Wei Jye Seo,University of South Australia,Australia
Yazan Alqudah,Western Carolina University,USA
Youcef Chibani,University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene,Algeria
Zine Ghemari,University of M'sila.,Algeria
Yaser Jararweh,Jordan University of Science and Technology,Jordan

Student Volunteers