Suggested Hotels in Amman

AEECT 2017 participants can benefit from the following special offers in the following hotels. These hotels are close to the conference venue and are served by a bus shuttle to the venue:

* Holiday Inn, 5 stars. The rate for the single room is JOD88 and the double room is JOD101, including all taxes and breakfast. The participates can reserve rooms by contacting Mr. Noor al din Shaweesh (noor.abushaweesh@ihg.com).

* Jerusalem International Hotel, 4 stars. The rate for the single room is JOD45 and the double room is JOD55, including all taxes and breakfast. The participates can reserve rooms by contacting Mr. Ossama Majd ( sales.manager@jerusalem.com.jo).

To get these special offers, you must mention in your email message that you are AEECT 2017 participant

Bus Shuttle Service

Bus Timetable for Registered AEECT 2017 Participants


Day 1: Wed 11/10/2017

Day 2: Thu 12/10/2017

Day 3: Fri 13/10/2017


08:30   *The Univ. of Jordan

08:45     Holiday Inn Hotel

09:15     Jerusalem Hotel

09:30     The Univ. of Jordan



18:00     The Univ. of Jordan

18:20     Holiday Inn Hotel

18:50     Jerusalem Hotel

19:15     The Univ. of Jordan




08:30     The Univ. of Jordan

08:45     Holiday Inn Hotel

09:15     Jerusalem Hotel

09:30     The Univ. of Jordan



18:20     The Univ. of Jordan

18:40     Holiday Inn Hotel

19:10     Jerusalem Hotel


Gala Dinner

19:30     Holiday Inn Hotel

19:30     Jerusalem Hotel

20:00     Le Royal Hotel


22:00     Le Royal Hotel

22:20     Jerusalem Hotel

22:40     Holiday Inn Hotel





09:20     The Univ. of Jordan

09:40     Jerusalem Hotel

10:00     The Univ. of Jordan

10:20     Holiday Inn Hotel

11:15     The Dead Sea



15:30     The Dead Sea

16:25     Holiday Inn Hotel

16:45     Jerusalem Hotel

17:00     The Univ. of Jordan





* In the University of Jordan, the bus stop in the parking lot of the School of Engineering. These are the expected departure and arrival times. Some delays may occur due to unfavorable traffic conditions.

Tourist Info

General Information

Jordan is a relatively small country situated at the junction of the Levantine and Arabian areas of the Middle East. The country is bordered on the north by Syria, to the east by Iraq, and by Saudi Arabia on the east and south. To the west is Israel and the occupied West Bank, while Jordan's only outlet to the sea, the Gulf of Aqaba, is to the south. Jordan occupies an area of approximately 96,188 square kilometers including the Dead Sea, making it similar in size to Austria or Portugal. However, Jordan's diverse terrain and landscape belie its actual size, demonstrating a variety usually found only in large countries. Western Jordan has essentially a Mediterranean climate with a hot, dry summer, a cool, wet winter and two short transitional seasons. However, about 75% of the country can be described as having a desert climate with less than 200 mm of rain annually. Jordan can be divided into three main geographic and climatic areas: the Jordan Valley, the Mountain Heights Plateau, and the eastern desert, or Badia region. Time: GMT + 2.  Expected temperatures in Amman in December are 6-14°C with chances of rain.

Queen Alia International Airport Services

The modern Queen Alia International Airport in Amman is Jordan’s "home hub" and an increasingly popular transit point for world travelers and international air freight. Jordan's "gateway to the world" smoothly welcomes as many as five million passengers a year, with undergoing project for expanding capacity to ten million passengers. Passenger facilities include Royal Jordanian's exclusive first class and business lounges, an extensive Duty Free shopping mall, and a variety of handcraft displays and restaurants. Amman's Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) is located 32 km south of Amman, and can be reached by regular taxis or buses transport. On arrival, book a taxi at the booth on Level One. For QAIA flight information, telephone +962-4453013 or +962-4453014. For more information, visit the airport web site.


Yellow taxis, with meters, are very reasonable and are the most convenient form of transportation. The white 'Service' taxi system applies set routes, stopping on request, charging standard fees. There are also good public bus services between major points in Amman.

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