Why EDTM has been started

System performance continues to grow, even though device scaling is saturated. Based on strong manufacturing technologies, Asia has strong potential to take an initiative for system integration. Deep-dive discussions among technical communities on materials, processes, and devices are aimed to accelerate manufacturing innovations through this forum.

Mission of EDTM

The Inaugural EDTM (Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing) is a full three-day conference to be held at Toyama International Conference Center, Japan from February 28th to March 2nd, 2017, fully sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society (EDS). As semiconductor technology scaling challenges continues to grow, so should the industries collaborative efforts to overcome them must increase. EDTM is intended to serve as a forum for the electron devices community to collaborate on topics ranging from devices, materials, and tools, to create new and innovative technologies. EDTM will provide the following new formats.

Shuji Ikeda

EDTM 2017 General Chair
tei solutions, Japan