Plenary and Invited Speakers
Plenary Speaker

Ultrasound and Translational Pulmonary Medicine
Pan-Chyr Yang
MD, PhD, President, National Taiwan University

Dr. Yang currently is the President of National Taiwan University and Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, National Taiwan University College of Medicine. His major research interests are pulmonary and critical care medicine, molecular and cellular biology, lung cancer genomics and personalized cancer therapy. He was elected member of Academia Sinica in 2006 because of his contributions in leading the translational research and implementation of precision therapy for lung cancer in Taiwan, which have significantly improved the survival in lung cancer patients. His research group identified novel genes and pathways that associated with lung cancer progression. They established new platform for development of lung cancer stem cell directed therapy and discovered the autocrine-paracrine interaction between the lung cancer stem cell with cancer microenvironment. They also identified specific gene expression and microRNA biomarkers that might be beneficial for precision therapy of lung cancer patients.

Clinical Speakers

Yi-Hong Chou, 
Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

Masatoshi Kudo, 
Kinki University, Japan

Jae Young Lee
Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea

Invited Speakers

Group 1: Medical Ultrasonics

Brett Byram,
Vanderbilt University, USA

Robert Eckersley
King's College London, UK

Damien Garcia,
Université de Montréal, Canada

Pai-Chi Li
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Chris de Korte,
Radboud University Medical Center, Netherlands  

Georg Schmitz,
Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Group 2: Sensors, NDE & Industrial Applications

Michaël Baudoin,
University of Lille, France

Amit Lal,
Cornell Univeristy, USA

Lester Schmerr Jr.,

Group 3: Physical Acoustics

Vitalyi Gusev, 
Université du Maine, Le Mans, France

Imran Mahboob, 
NTT, Japan

Robert Thalhammer, 
Avago Tech., USA

Group 4: Microacoustics - SAW, FBAR, MEMS

Harald Pretl, 
DMCE GmbH & Co KG, Austria

Shuji Tanaka, 
Tohoku University, Japan

D. Weinstein, 

Group 5: Transducers & Transducer Materials

Christophe Antoine,
Analog Devices, USA

Ho-Yong Lee,
Ceracomp Co. Ltd, South Korea

Peter A. Lewin,
Drexel University, USA