PHYDYAS Workshop

Sunday, June 21

Hotel Brufani


Workshop Objectives:

The PHYDYAS (Physical Layer For Dynamic Spectrum Access And Cognitive Radio) workshop will be held in Perugia at the same time as SPAWC. The PHYDYAS project is part of the FP7 European program. The main objective of PHYDYAS is to demonstrate the feasibility of  a new Physical/MAC layer based on filter banks (FBMC, Filter Banks Multi Carriers) for cognitive radio.

The workshop will gather technical papers concerning the last results on FBMC and on cognitive radio.


Workshop Program :

The workshop will be hosted by the Brufani Hotel on Sunday June 21.  A detailed program is available.

Morning (10h - 12h30) PHYDYAS Physical Layer and FBMC

The morning session is devoted to signal processing aspects of Filter Bank Multi Carriers systems. After an overview of FBMC systems, the focus will be put on prototype filters, synchronization issues and signal processing in the emitter and receiver together with MIMO aspects.

Afternoon (14h - 17h30) Cognitive Radio

The afternoon session topic is cognitive radio.  After an overview of cognitive radio (CR), several aspects of CR will be developed : CR in TV bands (802.22), deployment issues of CR,  standardization objectives of PF7 European projects and FBMC advantages for cognitive radio.

A panel session with open question will end the workshop.


Workshop registration :

The workshop is free for registered people to SPAWC'2009. Registration must be done through the registration page of SPAWC. Due to the limited number of seats (40), registration will be taken on a first come first served basis.


Program Committee:

Program chair: Maurice Bellanger (CNAM)
Program co-chairs: Markku Renfors (TUT) and Josef Nossek (TUM)
Technical committee: M. Terré (CNAM), D. Roviras (CNAM) D. Le Ruyet (CNAM)



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