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9th July: The slides for the plenary talks "Signal Processing for Underwater Communications" and Sparse Signal Recovery: Theory, Applications and Algorithms" have been added.
18th June: The guided tours for accompanying persons have been added.
18th June: The offical SPAWC brochure can be downloaded here.
9th June: The main map of Perugia has been updated and an official guide of Perugia can be downloaded here.
4th June: The paper "CFO Estimation and Correction in a WiMAX-like FBMC System" by Tobias Hidalgo Stitz, Ari Viholainen, Tero Ihalainen, and Markku Renfors has been moved from the session "Time and Frequency Synchronization" to the session "Channel Estimation and Equalization".
4th June: Please consider visiting SPAWC 2010 and CIP 2010.
3rd June:

The available panel size for the poster presentation is 120 cm x 100 cm (height x wide), and the preferred poster format is DIN A0 (118.9 cm x 84.1 cm).

29th May: Social events registration for attendees and accompanying persons is available at
12th May: The paper "Outage Analysis of Blind Cooperative Diversity" by Kamel Tourki and Mohamed-Slim Alouini has been moved from the session "Cooperative Communications" to "Relay Communication I".
11th May: The poster sessions "Time and Frequency Synchronization" and "Cognitive Radio" have been swapped.
11th May: The papers "Jingon Joung, and Ali Sayed - Multiuser Two-Way Relaying Method for Beamforming Systems" and "Morteza Mardani, Jalil Seifali Harsini, and Farshad Lahouti - Cross-Layer Link Adaptation Design for Relay Channels with Cooperative ARQ Protocol" have been swapped.