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Cover of Jan/Feb 2007 IEEE Power & Energy Magazine

Milwaukee/Madison/N.E. Wisconsin Chapter
of the Power & Energy Society (PES)

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Milwaukee/Madison/N.E. Wisconsin PES Homepage

Welcome to the homepage of the joint Milwaukee, Madison, and Northeastern Wisconsin Chapter of the IEEE Power & Energy Society!

Upcoming Meetings

The Power and Energy Society, in conjunction with the Magnetics and EMC Societies, presents:

Magnetic Intervention on Higher Voltage DC Faults in PVs and HEVs

400 volt DC truck hybrids, 500 volt car hybrids, 600 volt DC photovoltaic generators present new challenges to protect people, buildings and equipment. The proliferation of these circuits present a growing safety hazard. The hazards will be presented, Growth in these higher voltage DC circuits will be presented. The physics of Dc arcing will be presented in a way that calls for new magnetic research work to be done on how to control and manage the DC arcing.


Tuesday, Feburary 24, 2009 at 5:00 pm


Milwaukee School of Enginnering


Jerome Hastings is a Registered Professional Engineer in Wisconsin, holds a BS degree from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in Electrical Engineering, with post graduate work in engineering, quality and engineering management. Most recent work has been on high voltage DC arcing and power management for Photovoltaic (SOLAR) power and electric power systems for electrified vehicles. He has published SAE papers on DC protection methods and holds patents on DC & AC arc fault techniques. He conducted the defining work on 600 volt arcing hazards and currently leads Eaton’s investigation team on DC arc mitigation technologies. He holds more than 44 patents covering Arc Fault Detection, Circuit Breakers, Sensors, Actuators, Magnetics, Solid-state energy limiting breakers and Motor control. He is a member of IEEE & SAE, a past member of SME, and NARM. Published works include FEM – magnetics, current sensors, DC arcing fires and arc fault detection methods and acoustic detection of faults. Mr. Hastings has held management and technical leadership positions in Corporate research and Division operations; inventing and developing, motor controls electronic starters, motor control centers, commercial-vehicle controls, aerospace controls and vacuum control.  

Chapter Chair

Paul Tindall
email:  Phone: 262-506-6919

Past Meetings

Here is a list of some of our past meetings:

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