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Renewable Energy - Connecting Wind Farms to the Grid

Mr. Diaz de Leon II will discuss the issues involved in connecting wind farms to the transmission grid including:

  • Wind Farm interconnection Issues to consider
  • Interconnection standards, particularly in the areas of reactive power capability and HVRT/LVRT- what is being applied worldwide
  • How are these interconnection standards being met
  • Sizing reactive compensation systems for wind farms
  • Other issues to consider such as harmonics, shunt reactive compensation sizing, etc.

Cosponsored by the IEEE Industry Applications, Magnetics, and GOLD Chapters
Pizza and soda will be provided by the IEEE

PDF File of Presentation


April 17, 2008 - 7:00 PM


University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - EMS-E190


John Diaz de Leon II

Consulting Engineer, Transmission Planning, AMSC Power Systems

John A. Diaz de Leon II, PE joined American Superconductor in 1999 after working for Alliant Energy/Wisconsin Power and Light Co. for 20 Years. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin. His current position at AMSC is Consulting Transmission and Distribution Planning Engineer. He performs planning studies to analyze transmission and distribution systems for voltage, capacity, stability, transfer capability, harmonic, and power quality problems. He also conducts studies to analyze wind farm interconnection requirements that include LVRT and HVRT capabilities, harmonic and power quality problems, voltage regulation, and power factor control.

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