Electrical Safety, Technical, and Mega Projects Workshop 2014


All workshop participants including presenters must register. All presentations at the symposium will be published in print and electronic media. Optionally, papers may be prepared along with the presentation, and are eligible for publishing in IEEE Xplore technical library. For those authors interested in IEEE Xplore, please visit their information page. The presentations must be in accordance with the Electrical Workshop guidelines for commercialism and ethics.

Please use the PowerPoint template below as your starting point. Embed external documents such as photos and videos into the PowerPoint (i.e. not "links", to facilitate creation of the workshop CD and Binder), and Company Names/Logos are only allowed on the title slide at a discrete size only (max. 10% of the page). For those wishing to prepare a paper for publishing, please contact Pat Petrie (403-920-8171) directly for paper format information.

Submit 2 copies of your final presentation, one as you will present it, and the second one with the background omitted (or revised) so that black and white printing for the Workshop Binder at 3 slides per page is clearly legible. In addition, please submit your final Abstract, a short Biography, and any other background files that you want printed with your PowerPoint in the Binder.

Sample PowerPoint
Authors, please download the presentation PowerPoint template by clicking here.