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CANDE 5-year predictions from 2009

CANDE attempts to predict 3-5 years out.  The CANDE predictions for the years 2012-2014, made in 2009, are:

  • There will still be a session on scheduling / HLS at ICCAD

  • A 15nm chip will be shipped in production volumes

  • Flash won’t be the dominant NVM

  • At least one IC product made with something other than optical litho

  • At least one commercial product will use on-chip optical communication

  • One third of all state-of-the-art chips will be designed into 3D

  • First in-body no-battery fully-energy-harvesting implant

  • #companies doing asynchronous design will double from 4 to 8

  • 1 nano-yotta flop (i.e., a petaflop) in a high-end BMW vehicle

  • EDA in at least one new market (bio, energy, etc.)