SCC0 - Data Acquisition, Processing, and Control Systems
Description: Treatment of all matters relating to data acquired within substations and its processing for monitoring, analysis, and local and/or remote control of substation apparatus and devices connected to the substation. Systems within the purview of this subcommittee include: interfaces to substation apparatus, use of transducers, and all types of communication media. These systems also use high-security communication protocols, computers with associated peripherals, video display units, printing and logging devices, software and/or firmware in order to perform their allocated functions. Also, responsible for the quality of data originating in the substation that is subsequently used for monitoring, analysis, and control of the power system. Sponsor and promote the use of new technologies (e.g., fiber optics, etc.) and new standards for integrating the functions of monitoring, analysis, control, protection, maintenance and operation of substation and feeder apparatus. Since responsibilities for standards applicable to stand-alone equipment (e.g., protective relays, automatic tap changers, etc.) reside with the respective equipment committee, close coordination shall be accomplished on all standards activities as defined in the applicable Project Authorization Request. Consideration of phenomena typical of substation environ­ments that can adversely affect digital computer-based data acquisition, process­ing, and control systems; and prepare guidelines or standards as appropriate.

Craig Preuss
Black and Veatch
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