IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium 2011
October 18-21, 2011
Caribe Royale, Orlando, Florida, USA



Invited Speakers and Topics

Group 1: Medical Ultrasonics

"Contrast ultrasound: recent developments and the battle for regulatory approval," Francois Tranquart (Bracco, Switzerland)
"Dosimetry and therapeutics," Gail Ter Haar (Institute of Cancer Research, UK)
"Recent advances in blood vector velocity imaging," Jorgen Arendt Jensen (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
"New developments in CMUT technology," Pierre Khuri-Yakub (Stanford University, USA)
"Segmentation of medical ultrasound images," Denis Friboulet and Olivier Bernard (CREATIS - INSERM, Lyon, France)
"Optimization of the ultrasound-induced blood-brain barrier openings," Elisa Konofagou (Columbia University, USA)

Group 2: Sensors, NDE & Industrial Applications

"Acoustic Tomography: Promise versus Reality," Nebs Duric (Wayne State University, USA)
"Ultrasonic Welding Using Complex and High Frequency Vibration systems," Jiromaru Tsujino (Kanagawa University, Japan)
"Microscale Acoustofluidics: Microfluidics via Acoustics and Ultrasonics," James Friend (Mechanical Engineering, Monash University, Clayton, VIC, Australia)
"Recent Developments of the Thin Film Electro-acoustic - Technology in View of Biosensor Applications," Ilia Katardjiev and Ventsislav Yantchev (Solid State Electronics, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Uppland, Sweden)

Group 3: Physical Acoustics

"Ultrasonic Fields for Cell Levitation and Manipulation," Martyn Hill (University of Southampton, UK)
"Guided Acoustic Waves Propagating at Surfaces, Interfaces and Edges," Andreas P. Mayer (HS Offenburg, Germany)
"Ultrasonic Motors - Past, Present and Future," Jörg Wallaschek (IDS, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany)
"Micro and Nano Fabricated Phononic Crystals: Technology and Applications," Roy H. Olsson III (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)

Group 4: Microacoustics - SAW, FBAR, MEMS

"Electrostrictive thin films: an alternative to piezoelectricity," Emmanuel Defay (CEA-LETI, France)
"A method to reduce losses in buried electrodes RF SAW resonators," Marc Solal (Triquint, USA)
"Recent Development of Temperature Compensated SAW Devices," Ken-ya Hashimoto (Chiba University, Japan)
"Wireless Physical SAW Sensors for Automotive Applications," Victor Kalinin (Transense Technologies, UK)

Group 5: Transducers and Transducer Materials

"Continuous feed growth and characterization of PMN-PT single crystals," Kazuhiko Echizenya (JFE Mineral, Japan)
"Ultrasonic Inspection of Nuclear Reactor Primary Components," Jean-Francois Saillant (Areva, France)
"Low Power Embedded Processors for Ultrasonics Signal Chain," Murtaza Ali (Texas Instruments, USA)



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