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2007, March 28: Microsystems and Nanosystems: Manufacturing Challenges and Opportunities. Presented by: Dr. Rajendra Singh, D.Houser Banks Professor in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Director of Center for Silicon Nanoelectronics, Clemson University, SC. Meeting's DETAILS.

2006, November 8: Noise Modeling and Characterization of Piezoresistive Transducers. Presented by: Associate Professor Toshikazu (Toshi) Nishida, Ph. D., University of Florida. Meeting's DETAILS.

2006, May 3: Opportunities and Challenges of Wireless Sensor Networks. Presented by: Professor Martin Haenggi, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.For pictures and the presentation's file go to the meeting's DETAILS.

2005, October 19: Wireless Sensor Networks: A New Paradigm for Ubiquitous Sensing and Information rocessing, Presented by: Professor Martin Haenggi, Ph.D., University of Notre Dame.For pictures and the presentation's file go to the meeting's DETAILS.

2005, September 21: 3D: Desing to Volume - A look at various 3D applications, their designs, and ultimate silicon results. Presented by Robert Patti, Tezzaron Semiconductor. A joint presentation with the Electron Devices Society. (Presentation file available for download.)

2005, July 11: Executive Committtee Meeting

2005, June 20: CMOS Device Modeling in Nanoscale and Wireless Era, presented by: Yuhua Cheng, Siliconlinx Inc.(presentation file available for download)

2005, May 12: Printed Circuit Layout for best EMC, by: Roger Swanberg, D.L.S. Electronic Systems, Inc.(presentation file available for download)

2005, April 27: Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Based Technology to Computational Electromagnetics, by: Professor Ramesh Agarwal, Washington University (presentation file coming soon)

2005, April 1:
CMOS Scaling Limits and Nanoelectronic Devices, by:Professor Yoshio Nishi, Stanford University (presentation file available for download)

2005, March 17: Quantum Engineering of Nanoelectronic Devices, by: Professor Vijay K. Arora, Wilkes University (PowerPoint Presentation Available)

2005, March 10: Commercial Aircraft Protection Against Man-Portable IR Surface-to-Air Missile, by Leo Danielides, Northrop Grumman Corp.

2005, January 24: Executive Committtee Meeting

2004, June 22: 2004 Executive Committee Meeting

2004, June 17: The Future of Human Space Exploration, by Jim Plaxco, National Space Society

2003, November 18: Extraordinary Advantages of Migrating from Discrete to Integrated Optical and Opto-electronic Components, by Craig Miller, Ph.D - Director of Technical Business Development with Somers-Stanton in Lake Zurich, IL

2003, September 25: RF MEMS for Commercial and Defense Applications, by Dr. Gabriel Rebeiz - University of Michigan (MTT Distinguished Lecturer)

2003, June 11: Digital Broadcast Television, by Wayne Bretl, Gary Sgrignoli, Tim Laud - Zenith

2003, April 18:
CMOS Downsizing Toward Sub-10 nm, by Prof. Hiroshi Iwai - Tokyo Institute of Technology Distinguished Lecturer and Vice President of the IEEE Electron Devices Society.

2002, November 20:
Bluetooth: Technology & Application, by Steve Deutscher - Motorola (PowerPoint Presentation Available)

2002, June 26: Open MultiMedia Applications Platform (OMAP), by David Baughman - Texas Instruments and Corbett Kull - Packet Video

2002, March 21: A Mixed-Mode ESD Protection Circuit Simulation
Design Methodology for Design Prediction -- All You Need to Know for IC Protection Design, by
Albert Wang, IIT, SSCS Distinguished Lecturer

2001, November 28: Space-time Fading Channel Estimation and Symbol Detection in Unknown Spatially Correlated Noise, by: Dr. Arye Nehorai

2001, October 25: Atomic-Scale Nanoelectronics, by: Mark C. Hersam, Northwestern University (presentation available for download in .pdf format)

2001, June 14 : Cable Modem: Technology & Applications
Part 2, by: Venkata Majeti, Cadant

2001, May 22: Cable Modem: Technology & Applications
Part 1, by: Venkata Majeti, Cadant,
(PowerPoint presentation available for download in .ppt and .pdf formats)

2001, May 10: Functional Verification of Differential Amplifiers for Communications Circuits?, by Jonathan David, Cadence Design Systems

2001, May 3: CMOS Mixed-Signal/RF Integrated Systems, Trends and Challenges, by Prof. David J. Allstot - University of Washington, (PowerPoint presentation available for download in .pdf format)

2001, Feb 20
: Broadband Multimedia DSL Service Evolution, by George Pitsoulakis, Westell, Inc., (PowerPoint presentation available for download in .ppt and .pdf formats)

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