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Description: Treatment of all matters relating to design, construction, and operation of AC substations using HV power electronics as part of the electrical power system, including FACTS and HVDC converter stations. This includes the application of HV power semiconductor equipment and all other components insofar as they affect the design, construction, and operation of such substations. Interest in such components is limited to their effects on overall station parameters and does not include the detailed design of the equipment itself.
Joe Warner
ABB, Inc.
Vice Chair:
John Chahwan
David Langner
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Subcommittee Meetings (Documents)

IEEE PES General Meeting (JTCM 2017)
July 16-20, 2017,  Chicago, Illinois, USA

IEEE PES Substations Committee Meeting (JTCM 2017)
May 7-11, 2017,  Richmond, VA, USA

IEEE PES Joint Technical Committee Meeting (JTCM 2017)
January 8-12, 2017,  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Subcommittee Activities
Panel Session on FACTS/Power Electronics Installations
In the evolving utility environment, financial and market forces continue to demand a more optimal and profitable operation of the power system. Now, more than ever, advanced technologies are paramount for the reliable and secure operation of power systems, including effective integration of renewable resources. To achieve both operational reliability and financial profitability, it has become clear that more efficient utilization and control of the existing power system infrastructure is required. Power electronics based equipment has been termed Flexible AC Transmission Systems-FACTS, and can provide proven technical solutions to allow for improved power system operation with minimal infrastructure investment, environmental impact, and implementation time compared to the construction of new transmission lines. This Panel Session presents and explores actual applications of power electronics (past, in-progress, or future) as part of the electrical power system, including FACTS and HVDC converter stations.

This panel session has been co-sponsored by the FACTS and HVDC Subcommittee of the T&D Committee. Presented at 2011 PSCE and 2012 T&D Conf and Expo.

I0 intends to maintain contact and/or cooperate with CIGRE, IEC and other related technical societies and standard producing organizations, so as to assure global cooperation and spread of its works.
IEEE HVDC and FACTS Subcommittee
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