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EDTM 2020 online link for registration to attend the following conference programs will be available after December 15, 2019:

  • Tutorials: March 15, 2020 (Sunday) including Lunch
  • Short Courses: March 15, 2020 (Sunday) including Lunch
  • Technical Sessions: March 16-18, 2020 (Monday-Wednesday) including Reception, Lunch

The deadline for ADVANCE registration is February 29, 2020 to qualify for the early registration rate.

All online registrants must bring their confirmation of registration to one of the on-site registration desks during the specified registration hours at Equatorial Hotel in Penang, Malaysia.

All prospective attendees are advised to register NO LATER THAN February 29, 2020 to enjoy the advance registration rates.


February 29, 2020:ADVANCE registration ends
  • * Online registration is available until February 29.
    From March 1, on-site registration is available at conference venue.
Technical Session Rates
IEEE members$500.00$650.00
IEEE Student members$250.00$325.00
Student Non-members$350.00$425.00
IEEE Life members$250.00$325.00
Tutorials Rates
IEEE members$150.00$200.00
IEEE Student members$75.00$100.00
Student Non-members$100.00$125.00
IEEE Life members$75.00$100.00
Short Course Rates
IEEE members$400.00$450.00
IEEE Student members$200.00$225.00
Student Non-members$225.00$250.00
IEEE Life members$200.00$225.00

Note: currency is in US dollar ($) and is payable by credit card

  • Registration fee for conference includes attending the Technical Sessions including Keynote speeches, one electronic copy of Conference Proceedings, invitation to the Monday evening Reception. Registration for only the conference does not include admission to the Tutorials and Short Courses.
  • Registration fee for Tutorials entitles the registrants admission to one Tutorial time slot, and one copy of the Tutorial workbook. Registration for only Tutorials does not include admission to the Short Courses or Conference Technical Sessions. Since space is limited for the tutorials, EDTM 2020 strongly recommends early registration.
  • Registration fee for Short Course entitles the registrant to admit to one of the short courses, and one copy of the Course workbook. Short Course registration does not include admission to the Tutorials or Conference Technical Sessions. Since space is limited for the Short Courses, EDTM 2020 strongly recommends early registration. Registrants for one Tutorial and one Short Course together will receive a $50 discount.

Group Registration:

Group registration is available for the attendees of any organization (industry, academia, research laboratories, and so on).
A group shall consist of at least five (5) registrations from the same organization and the 5th person receives a complimentary registration.
Deadline of Group Registration: February 29, 2020

  • * It’s applicable to advanced registration only.
  • ** If there is more than one category (e.g., IEEE member/nonmember) in one group, the person in the category of lowest registration rate will receive a free registration.

How to apply

  • 1) One of the group (group leader) should inform full name and affiliation of 5 people to the EDTM2020 Secretariat by e-mail (edtm-reg@jtbcom.co.jp), and designate who will receive a complimentary registration. (The person in the category of lowest registration rate receives a free registration).
  • 2) Register 5 people at EDAS portal and 4 people complete the card payment.
  • 3) Paid 4 people will receive registration fee receipt by e-mail from EDAS.
    1 person with complimentary registration will receive confirmation e-mail from the EDTM2020 Secretariat.

EDTM 2020 encourages all prospective non-IEEE and non-Electron Devices Society (EDS) attendees to join IEEE and EDS to benefit from the IEEE member registration rates. For detailed information, please visit: www.ieee.org/join/.

In order to qualify for the IEEE member registration rates, a prospective attendee must be a member of IEEE prior to EDTM 2020 conference registration.

If you have any Dietary Requirements, please update 'Dietary constraints' on profile page of your EDAS account.

Cancellation Policy:

Advance registration is encouraged for the convenience of the attendees. Cancellation of registration with refund request must be made before February 29, 2020. Due to printing and hotel accommodation commitments, no refund will be allowed after February 29, 2020. A $50.00 processing fee will be withheld from all refunds. Payment for refunds will be settled ONLY after the conference.

Visa Support:

Please refer below for your information to apply visa.

  • * Please note that EDTM2020 will not provide visa support documents.

Registration Hours:

Conference Registration Center, located at the Foyer of Matahari Ball Room (Main Wing) of the Equatorial Hotel, Penang, will be open (tentatively) as follows:

Tutorial Registrants only
Saturday,March 143:00 PM-5:00 PM
Sunday,March 158:00 AM-11:00 AM
Short Course Registrants only
Saturday,March 143:00 PM-5:00 PM
Sunday,March 158:00 AM-11:00 AM
Technical Session Registrants
Sunday,March 151:00 PM-5:00 PM
Monday,March 168:00 AM-5:00 PM
Tuesday,March 178:00 AM-5:00 PM
Wednesday,March 188:00 AM-2:00 PM
Online Registration You need EDAS account.

For all correspondence, please contact:

EDTM 2020 Secretariat
JTB Communication Design, Inc.,
Celestine Shiba Mitsui Bldg. 3-23-1
Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8335, Japan
TEL +81-3-5657-0789   FAX +81-3-3452-8552
E-mail: edtm-reg@jtbcom.co.jp