Call for Papers

The Ultrasonics Symposium returns to Germany, now to Dresden from October 07 - 10, 2012. The conference will be held at the International Congress Center, situated at the margin of the Elbe river and close to the historical center of Dresden. The site provides both a great venue for our conference and unparalleled access to all that Dresden has to offer.

Papers are solicited for this conference describing original work in the field of ultrasonics. Poster and oral presentation formats will be used at the symposium. Prospective authors should note that poster sessions provide an alternative format which allows for greater flexibility and expanded audience interaction.

Authors are required to concisely divide their abstract into three sections:
    I.   Background, Motivation and Objective;
    II.  Statement of the Contribution/Methods;
    III. Results/Discussion.
In these three sections the authors must clearly and concisely explain the motivation and background, the contribution of the work and methods, and the results and conclusions of the paper.

Papers are solicited from the following subject classifications:
    Group 1:  Medical Ultrasonics
    Group 2:  Sensors, NDE & Industrial Applications
    Group 3:  Physical Acoustics
    Group 4:  Microacoustics - SAW, FBAR, MEMS
    Group 5:  Tranducers & Transducer Materials

Detailed information can be found in the Final Call for Papers.