In Cooperation with:

Invited Talks

Group 1: Medical Ultrasonics

Hervé Liebgott (Creatis, Lyon, France)
Compressive sensing and sparsity

John Allen (University of Hawaii, USA)
Modeling of ultrasound contrast agents

Andrew Hurrell (Precision Acoustics, UK)
Acoustic measurements

Guy Cloutier (University of Montreal, Canada)
Ultrasonic blood characterization

Michael Oelze (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)
Quantitative ultrasound techniques and improvements to diagnostic ultrasonic imaging

Geoffroy Lerosey (Institut Langevin - ESPCI ParisTech & CNRS, Paris, France)
Acoustic hyperlenses

David Cosgrove (Imperial College, London, UK)
Where Ultrasound Fails: the Breast

Stephen Mealrs (Heidelberg, Germany)
Brain Imaging with Ultrasounds

Jean-Michel Correas (Necker University Hospital, Paris, France & Paris Descartes University, France)
Clinical decision making: what modality to use for which indications? Abdominal and Prostate applications

Group 2: Sensors, NDE, and Industrial Application

Ralf Lucklum (University of Magdeburg, Germany)
Phononic crystal sensors - insides behind the scene

Matt Clark (University of Nottingham, UK)
Acoustic imaging measurements in aberrating materials

Tony Jun Huang and Xiaoyun Ding <ins></ins>(Penn State University, USA)
Acoustic tweezers: patterning, focusing, and separating cells and microparticles using standing surface acoustic waves

Group 3: Physical Acoustics           

Alexey A. Lomonosov (General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
Nonlinear surface acoustic waves in solids

Martin Wiklund (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)
Ultrasonic cell manipulation for dynamic micro-array cytometry

Danick Briand (EPFL, Lausanne, France)
Recent advances in MEMS based vibrational energy harvesting towards autonomous systems

Group 4: Microacoustics - SAW, FBAR, MEMS

Akihiko Teshigahara (Denso Corporation, Japan), Ken-ya Hashimoto (Chiba University, Japan), Morizo Akiyama (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan)
Scandium aluminum nitride: highly piezoelectric thin film for RF SAW devices in multi GHz range

Dana Weinstein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Resonant body transistors in standard CMOS technology

Ventislav Yantchev (Uppsala University, Sweden)
Advances in Lamb wave resonator technology

Group 5: Transducers and Transducer Materials

Prabhjot Singh, L.Scott Smith (GE Global Research, USA)
Additive manufacturing of transducers

Andreas J. Schönecker (Fraunhofer IKTS Dresden, Germany)
Piezoelectric multi-material-systems and structures - design, technology and future perspectives

Rainer M. Schmitt (Sonavation Inc., USA)
Model based development of a commercial, acoustical fingerprint sensor