Current 2021 GBC/ACM IEEE Computer Society Joint Seminar Announcements

The slides from ChongLim's indroductory talk on " Neural Networks and Deep Learning" are now online here .

The recordings of this spring's talks by Yaneer Bar-Yam, the founder of NECSI, on "COVID-19 Pandemic Status and Prognosis" and Dana Chisnell on "Will voting by mail save democracy?" are available online at , and . The recording of Sandy Pentland's talk on "Rebuilding After Covid-19" is available at .

A video recording of Silvio Micali's talk on Algorand, Block Chains and Distributed Ledgers is online at .

The slides from John Methot's talk on "Next Generation Sequencing: Underlying Technology and Applications to Cancer" are available online at John Methot slides. Note that this is a downloadable pptx file and is not automatically displayed. Be careful about downloading it multiple times; it's 167 MB.

The viewgraphs from Hy Hartman's April 12 presentation are now online at ribosome evolution . The slides from Georges Grinstein's talk on data visualization are available online at Weaving a Visualization

A video recording of Tim Kraska's talk about how data base systems can take advantage of really fast networks is online at . Tim Mattson's talk on BIGDAWG (the big data working group project) is also online at

Past Talks

The recording of our May talk by Bang Wong on "Communicating Science Visually " is available for viewing online at Bang Wong webcast .

The slides from George Church's talk on "Challenges & opportunities in applying computational & synthetic biology to preventing disease & creating new materials" are available here in PowerPoint format. A short article describing some of the main points from the presentation was published in Seed 20:84-86. Church GM (2009) Safeguarding Biology. and is also available in pdf form.

The slides from Rohit Bhardwaj's talk on "Give REST and SPARQL to Semantic Web future of service oriented architectures " are available here in PowerPoint format and here as a downloadable zip file. The slides from Donald Eastlake's talk on "RBridges/TRILL" are available here in PowerPoint format. The slides from Ken Baclawski's talk on "Semantic Web Ontologies" are available here in PowerPoint format.

An overview of the 2008 Boston Usenix conference is online at Usenix Overview.htm.

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