IEMT - EMAP 2016 Invited Speakers Information

List of the Speakers (as of 10th of June 2016)

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

1) Ricky Lee (HKUST Hong Kong): "Packaging and Integration Technologies for the Era of Internet of Things"
2) David Lacey (Osram): "Material challenges for optoelectronic packages in lighting applications"
3) Andy MacKie (Indium): "The Future of Power Device Packaging: Materials and Assembly Processes"
4) Rolf Aschenbrenner (IZM Fraunhofer Institute): "Panel Level Embedding for Power and Sensor Applications"
5) Pierric Gueguen (Yole): "Technological challenges and market trends for power packaging"
6) Eric Chan (Intel): "Development in Internet of Things (IoT) and Opportunities for “Packaging the IoT”"
7) KW Paik (KAIST): "Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACFs) Interconnection Technology for Wearable Electronics Applications"
8) Bill Chen (ASE US): "Heterogeneous Integration Roadmap to the Brave New Interconnected World"

Confirmed Short Courses

1) Wook Yoon Seung (STATSChipPAC-JCET): "Fanout Wafer Level Packaging (FO-WLP) – Innovative and Novel Solutions of Advanced Packaging " [Full Day]
2) Charlie Lu (Altera Corp): "Chip-to-Package Interconnect Technology: Fundamentals and Future Trend" [Full Day]
3) Christopher Breach (ProMat Consultants Singapore): "Copper Ball Bonding Materials, Intermetallics & Reliability" [Full Day]
4) Klaus Mueller (Infineon): "Trends in Material development – upcoming requirements concerning reliability and applications" [1/2 Day]
5) Ning Cheng Lee (Indium): "Achieving High Reliability for Lead-Free Solder Joints" [1/2 Day]

Confirmed Invited Speakers

1) Kishio Yokouchi (VP of Fujitsu): "Board Interconnect Technologies for Supercomputer “K” and the Next Generation"
2) Rajkumar Durairaj (UTAR): "Investigation on the synthesis and conductivity mechanism of Graphene based Isotropic Conductive Adhesives"
3) NC Lee (Indium): "No Clean Material for Advanced Packaging Assembly"
4) Mohd Nasir Tamin (UTM): "A Unified Framework for Solder Joint Reliability Assessment based on Damage Mechanics"
5) Zulkifli (USM): "Numerical prediction of resistor self-alignment during reflow soldering process"
6) CP Hung (ASE Taiwan): "New Era SiP Technologies with 3D Interconnection"
7) Kim Siow (UKM): "Navigating the patent minefield of sintered silver (Ag) as a die-attach material in microelectronic packages"
8) HC Hsu (ISE Taiwan): "A Study on Package-on-Package with Through Molding Vias Using Laser Technology”
9) Mariatti (USM): "Application of Nanofillers in Polymer Composites for Electronic Packaging"
10) Ricky Lee (Hong Kong University Sciece and Technology): "Precise Junction Temperature Mapping for Flip-chip Light Emitting Diodes by Infrared Thermography"
11) Charlie Lu (Altera Corp): "Review on The Newly Developed Fan-out Packages from Innovative Viewpoint"
12) Wook Yoon Seung (STATSChipPAC-JCET): "eWLB/FO-WLP : Novel Fan-Out Interconnect Solution"
13) Ming Yi Tsai (Chang Gung University Taiwan): "Keep-out Zone and Mechanical Strength of Cu-TSV Chips Used in 3DIC "
14) Sung Yi (Portland State University USA): "Thin Packaging Technology"
15) Haseeb (Universiti Malaya): "Nanometer Sized Metallic Additions to Lead-Free Interconnects: Effects on Microstructure and Properties"
16) Ranjan Rajoo (Global Foundries Singapore): "Solder interconnection : Evolution & Revolution"