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About Special Grants and Applications
The IEEE Canadian Foundation awards "Special Grants" to an IEEE Student Branch, an IEEE Section, an IEEE Canada Committee, a non-IEEE entity such as a high school , or in rare cases an individual, all in Canada. Special Grants are intended to partially fund one-time new and innovative projects that advance IEEE's core purpose to foster technological innovation and excellence to benefit humanity. Projects that benefit or engage more people or have a broader impact on society will normally be given preference. Projects that are part of students’ normal course requirements (e.g. capstone design projects) will not normally be funded. Occasionally a project which is similar to a previous one may be funded but requests for funding for ongoing projects or repeated projects are not normally considered.

Note Applications must be complete and received by the posted deadline in order to be considered.

Time Frame for Applications
Special Grant Applications are considered at three times each year. The submission deadlines are March 15, August 15, November 15. If your Special Grant application is time critical, be sure to indicate your preferred response time and explanation, as interim review may be undertaken by the IEEE Canadian Foundation.

The Application
The application should include:

  • an executive summary containing the amount of funding being requested, the objective of the project, a brief description of the project, the applicants, and the relevance to the IEEE Canadian Foundation mission statement - described on our About Us page.
  • a background section to introduce the project
  • a detailed plan of activities including time lines and metrics
  • a detailed financial plan showing all projected income and expenses including other sources and amounts of funding
  • a plan to measure the success of the project, and a commitment to provide a report to the IEEE Canadian Foundation
  • a full description of the applicants (especially if the applicants are not an IEEE entity)
  • a clear statement relating the project to the objectives of the IEEE Canadian Foundation
The application must be submitted on-line. Please read the on-line forms very carefully and make sure you include all the information requested. The deadlines for receipt by the Grants Committee are noted above.

All grant recipients are required to submit a report as a condition of accepting the grant - details.

More Information
For more information, please e-mail

Examples of Special Grants

  • Re-enactment of Marconi's first transatlantic wireless experiment read more
  • Ontario Engineering Design Competetion
  • BEAM Robotic Olympics
  • Control of Artificial Limbs at Ontario Crippled Children's Centre
  • Student Professional Awareness Conferences
Special Grants Awarded by Year , Special Grant FAQs
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