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Adam Milczarek, PhD

Assistant Professor, Warsaw University of Technology

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IEEE IES Competition 2018 - Theme: “Advancing On Smart Cities”


The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) would call for participation into the IES Project Competition 2018 (IPC 2018). The aim is to foster advance knowledge and awareness through smart cities projects and innovations. IPC 2018 will nurture professionals and engineers to effectively apply and utilize the state-of-the-arts technologies to improve the quality of life.


The motivation of IPC 2018 is to build up a platform for talents/professionals/engineers from chapters from all over the world to share their valuable experiences on latest technologies and applications. Through this competition, national engineers and professionals, in particular young engineers, will gain project experience under the leadership of prestigious judges. The competition is intended to encourage and promote the innovative ideas or discoveries of the professionals, for example, hardware/software developers, researchers or educators.

Participants are required to submit their project discoveries in paper format. The competition is specifically organized for industry/academics to participate. Participants are required to submit their full paper of maximum 6 pages in IEEE format to explain deeply on their design, ideas or methodologies and key results. Best Award winners will receive cash awards and certificates which will be presented to winners during the Flagship Conference IECON 2018 at Washington DC in October 2018.


  • A team of NO more than 5 industry/academic experts/professionals/engineers.
  • At least one team member is a current IEEE Member/Senior Member/Fellow

Project areas includes but not limited to:

  • Standards for smart cities
  • Energy sustainability
  • Energy storage
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Power electronics
  • Data analytics (data mining, big data, data visualization, data streaming, etc.)
  • Smart transportation
  • Smart city ecosystems and innovation methodologies
  • Benchmarks or metrics
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and platforms for smart cities
  • Civic engagement (government, healthcare, sports, etc.)

Competition format: Paper

Full paper of maximum 6 pages IEEE format with a minimum of 10 references.

Guidelines for submission

  • Author’s Information: Include all authors name and information including organization and email addresses
  • Declaration and Acknowledgement: Participants must declare about the novelty of the work. IEEE plagiarism policy will be followed strictly. If the similar or same work has been presented elsewhere by the same participants, it must be clearly stated. Please try to make sure that no one else or no other organizations are deprived from their deserve credit regarding the similar innovation.
  • Submit papers, in both word and pdf format, to: ieee_ies_competition_2018(at)yahoo.com" on or before August 5 23:59 USA eastern time.


Competition result is tentatively scheduled to be announced on 3rd September 2018.


  • A certificate of “Champion in IEEE IES Competition 2018” along with $1000 USD cash will be awarded to the champion team. The champion team is highly encouraged to attend IECON2018 for award presentation (no extra financial assistance will be offered).
  • A certificate of “1st Runner-up in IEEE IES Competition 2018” along with $500 USD cash will be awarded to the 1st Runner-up team.
  • A certificate of “2nd Runner-up in IEEE IES Competition 2018” along with $300 USD cash award to the 2nd Runner-up team.


  1. Group size: No more than 5 members, with at least one team member a current IEEE Student Member or IEEE Member/Senior Member/Fellow.
  2. Team members within same team must come from same organization (otherwise, please obtain approval).
  3. Teams are required to follow the format of IEEE conference articles: IEEE Templates, and limit the size to a maximum of 6 pages in length. Papers not in the described format may be rejected.
  4. During the competition, the submitted paper should not be submitted to elsewhere.
  5. Papers submitted to this competition should not have been published in any other publications. If already published, then your paper will be DISQUALIFIED.
  6. The paper should explain the significance of the presented work in a well-structured, concise and clear presentation of the subject matter including an introduction, the main body and the conclusion with supporting tables and figures, with minimum of 10 references.

Evaluation criteria - Industry: Go to attachment.