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Janet O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief

Winter 2011 – Issue No. 228

Letter from the Editor

President’s Message

Chapter Chatter

Completed Careers

EMC Personality Profile

EMC Society History
EMC Society Newsletter Review– 50–25–10 Years Ago

Quasies and Peaks—The Precursor to the EMC Society Newsletter

Book Review

Practical Papers, Articles and Application Notes

A Simpler Alternative to Wave Tracing in Solving Transmission Lines

Shielded Cable Transfer Impedance Measurements High Frequency Range 100 MHz–1 GHz

EMC Standards Activity

IEEE Transactions on EMC: Call for Papers on Nanotechnology

Reflections on 2010 BoD Elections

Introducing Members Newly Elected to the EMC Society Board of Directors

Call for EMC Society Board of Directors Nominations

Design Tips

EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting


Bylaws Changes

iNARTE and RABQSA Vote to Affiliate

The IEEE Technology Management Council



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