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History of PSES

The IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society has created a history committee chaired by Rich Pescatore. The charter of the committee is to document and record the history of the society. 


The above photo shows PSES Presidents past, present, and future, from left, Kevin Ravo (2014-2015), Elya Joffe (2012-2013), Murlin Marks (2010-2011), Jim Bacher (2008-2009), Henry Benitez (2006-2007), and Mark Montrose (2004-2005).


We've celebrated our 10th Year Anniversary!


The IEEE History website has an entry for the Product Safety Engineering Society. There is also a Wikipedia entry for the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society.

If you would like to assist or contribute, please contact .

history of PSES

To find out more about our society, read about the IEEE Product Safety Engineering Society formation history and our first organizational meetings.

This article by Mark Montrose provides some more details about the early beginnings of the PSES.


Impromptu group of guys. We called ourselves unofficially PSS (Product Safety Society). NPSS split off to become their own group. Roger Volgstadt ran the newsletter with John McBain and Ken Warwick who were the main contributors to keeping this newsletter alive.


Rich Pescatore approached EMCS and started TC-8
Members of the first board were Richard Pescatore/Chairman, Jim Norgaard/Vice Chairman, John McBain/Secretary-Treasurer, Tania Grant/Standards Committee, Mike Harris/Paper Review, and Roger Volgstadt/ Communications, Mark Montrose/Conference. Under TC-8 we formed a working group or committee and called it PSTC, whose acronym remains today although it officially died when PSES went live Jan. 1, 2004.


Rich Pescatore chair of TC-8.
1991-1997. Brian Claes becomes Chairman. 
1998-2000. Murlin Marks was elected chairman of TC-8.
2000-2002. Jack Burns was elected chairman of TC-8.
2003-2009. Richard Georgerian took over leadership of TC-8 until disbanded by EMCS. PSES was up and running and TC-8 essentially became a shell organization with no members and no yearly meeting, essentially 2-5 would show up.