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Volunteer Positions Available

Newsletter Editor Wanted

Few people outside the editing trade are aware of what a periodical publication editor does. The work involves two activities, described below. Both of the activities are necessary for a successful publication, and neither is sufficient by itself.

Editing - Yes, editors edit. But "wordsmithing" is not something that one can simply decide to do and jump into it. My observations indicate that this poses a delicate problem in the engineering community because

  • It seems that most engineers consider themselves to be good written communicators.
  • Experience in the publishing field and with PSEN indicates that most engineers do not write well, let alone edit the writings of others. If you've been involved in writing or editing, words like "Strunk & White" or "Chicago Manual of Style" are probably familiar to you.

Mining for content - The other half of a typical periodical editor's work (and PSEN is typical is this regard) is to locate useful and interesting content. Intuition would seem to indicate that an editor sifts through a stream of submitted articles, then edits the best for publication. Wrong. Most successful publications receive submitted articles, but not nearly enough to feed the issue-after-issue conveyor belt. Mining for content involves serious time and effort devoted to networking.

Contact or any board member if interested.


PSES members wanted to volunteer for small but important roles within the PSES organization. No in-person meetings required. E-mail and conference calls only. All it takes is a couple of hours a month to help improve and grow our organization.

  • PSES Global Outreach Rep: Help establish the PSES Country Reps - the country reps will serve as a leader within each foreign country that currently has PSES members (make contact with our foreign membership). Work with the Chapter Coordinator to help the Country Reps start local chapters.
  • PSES Strategic Partner Rep: Make contact with other societies and organizations that have Product Safety interest. Work to help integrate our safety content into their societies and organizations (i.e. PSES has partnered with the Consumer Electronics Society).
  • PSES PR Rep: Prepare and issue press releases regarding our Symposium and other special events and activities. Invite news organizations and other interested parties to cover our events.
  • PSES Marketing Team: Team members participate in plan review and refinement, and each member leads 1 item within the plan (work at your pace - pick an area that interests you - no marketing experience or background needed - many tasks are technically oriented that serve marketing purposes).

For more details, please contact 919-469-9434

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Symposium Committee


  • Overall Planning Committee
  • Technical Program Committee
  • Marketing Committee
  • Paper Presentations
  • Local Symposium Support
  • Session Moderators
  • Track Chairs

See the Symposium website at: