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The IEEE has special student rates for dues that can be found on the membership dues webpage. Students must use the online form to take advantage of these reduced rates.

Special circumstances?
IEEE realizes that economic circumstances may impact some members' ability to pay the full amount of IEEE membership dues. For this reason, the following special circumstance categories have been established. Special circumstances are not available to Student members. Only one category may be claimed in any year. The categories are:

  • Minimum Income Provision
  • Retired
  • Unemployed
  • Permanently Disabled
  • Developing Nations


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Why Be a Member? PSES Member Benefits

Makes you part of a community where you will:

  1. Receive discounts on Society conferences and symposiums registration dues
  2. Access to members of standards writing committees
  3. Access to Newsletters and other resources restricted to society members
  4. Address product safety engineering as an applied science
  5. Access to IEEE resources & opportunities
  6. Cooperative promotion and coordination of Product Safety Engineering activities with multiple IEEE Societies
  7. Network with technical experts at local events and industry conferences
  8. Have access to a virtual community forum for safety engineers and technical professionals
  9. Camaraderie
  10. Help create a safer world for future generations


  1. Active standard development & interpretation
  2. Develop company & personal exposure to others in profession
  3. Education/refresher/staying up-to-date/latest trends
  4. Run for formal office and gain director experience
  5. Develop liaison with other IEEE disciplines
  6. A way to contribute - Teaching/papers/presentations/standards development
  7. Professional satisfaction & prestige (e.g. Awards, certificates)
  8. Interface/work with other engineering leaders
  9. Promote personal career path
  10. Build technical skills
  11. Actively volunteer and head committees
  12. Develop technical & presentation skills
  13. Develop technical career path by active TAC involvement
  14. Develop managerial credentials by leading committees, chairing sessions, etc.
  15. Find mentors and or mentor others
  16. Develop consultative skills & network


For detailed reasons read article by Elya Joffe.

In a Nutshell

What are the benefits of being an IEEE member?

• Access to timely information in the world of technology
  • Networking opportunities - Societies, Section activities, and local chapters
    • Career development
    • IEEE email alias
    IEEE Financial Advantage - discounts on life insurance, travel, credit cards, and more

    What benefits do PSES members receive?

    Technical Activities
    Technical Meeting Minutes
    Compliance Forum
    Society Members Only
    • Subscription to Consumer Electronics Magazine

    Not an IEEE member? Join as an affiliate!

    Learn more on the Affiliate Membership page.

    The society ID for your renewal or application forms is "043-0431" and the yearly fee is US$35.

    Be sure to update your technical interest profile to include Product Safety Engineering. Log on to your account using My IEEE. Select Update Profile to revise your technical interest profile to include Product Safety Engineering.

    Our members communicate through an automatic e-mail server, the EMC-PSTC email list and a virtual community (

    Important Notice: The PSES sends out email notices using IEEE email services. The IEEE uses the email addresses that each member registered with. If you selected the "do not contact" option for your email account then you will never receive anything from the IEEE or the PSES including newsletter announcements or other correspondence. Please insure that you email address is up to date and you allow the IEEE to contact you via email.