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Product Safety Engineering papers

Information for prospective authors for the peer-reviewed publishing of papers on Product Safety Engineering

Contact: 563-557-0717
Last updated: 07 Apr 2014


IEEE TAB (Technical Activities Board) rescinded their approval for a Journal on Product Safety Engineering (JPSE) and decided to put a hold, for now, on the launch of the journal. Their cited reason was that the current rate of paper submissions is not high enough to ensure a viable IEEE journal at this time. The Board of Governors of the Product Safety Engineering Society has approached other IEEE Societies in an attempt to have our journal papers published in another Society's Journal. This attempt has failed for primarily two reasons. The first is that few other journals are a good fit for the subject matter and the second is that most journals are archival and the papers are primarily theoretical or academic as opposed to the practical nature of most PSE papers.

The PSE BoD has therefore voted to publish papers in our quarterly newsletter until a stand-alone JPSE or magazine is viable. To complement the newsletter, we are planning to start on-line interactive discussions associated with each paper and possibly host webcasts of presentations by the author of select papers.

The Product Safety Engineering Newsletter is published quarterly.

What is Product Safety Engineering?

The design and evaluation of equipment, devices, and systems such that they can be used at an acceptable level of risk.


Published papers are intended to:

  • promote, develop, recognize and archive original work that advances the theory and practice of product safety engineering
  • provide those interested in product safety with an incentive and vehicle to formalize and share their research, theories and practices across disciplines, potentially enriching all
  • create a centralized knowledge base of theory and proven practice
  • encourage practicing product safety engineers to strengthen their profession by distilling their successes into articles that stimulate others and promote best practices.


The following types of products fall within the scope of published papers

  • medical devices, life support, and instrumentation
  • consumer appliances and other products
  • transportation (e.g., vehicles, systems)
  • industrial and scientific equipment
  • information technology and telecommunications equipment
  • military equipment

General Topics

Potential topics fall into the following general areas:

  • risk assessment, design review, and failure analysis
  • validation (i.e. testing)
  • product liability and litigation
  • standards
  • system reliability and maintainability
  • functional safety associated with electromagnetic compatibility
  • manufacturing processes

Specific Topics-Premiere Issues

Here are some topics for which we are looking for interested authors. Or, volunteer one!

  • alternative clinical trial designs for medical devices
  • a new impedance model of the human body [already taken]
  • allowable electrical fault currents in human brain tissue
  • a model for allowable shear or crush forces on fingers
  • interactions between product safety and management systems (e.g., GMP, ISO 9000)
  • safety standards development amidst rapid technological change [already taken]
  • alternative approaches to controlling product liability costs
  • role of warning labels and notices in accident avoidance [already taken]
  • EMC (emissions and immunity) effects on product safety
  • integrating ultracapacitor technology into product safety standards [already taken]
  • effect of USA "expert" court decisions on risk assessment recordkeeping
  • theoretical article on risk management [already taken]
  • hazard-based safety engineering (HSBE)
  • integration of risk assessment into international hazard warning standards [already taken]
  • interactions between product safety and management systems (e.g., GMP, ISO 9000)
  • alternative approaches to controlling product liability costs
  • accident investigation (e.g., forensic analysis)
  • user manuals and documentation (e.g. what is appropriate and realistic)
  • safety of software, networks and systems
  • life support system design
  • cost/benefit analysis applied to product safety
  • human factors and accident avoidance
  • integrating risk assessment into the design process
  • fire protection applied to product design
  • integrating arc flash protection into equipment


Here's the rough schedule for the premiere issues:

  • submit abstracts (up to 200 words) now to
  • written articles submitted 30-60 days after abstracts accepted
  • 90-day peer review window after articles submitted

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Editor,

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Aids for Authors

The Plagiarism and Additional information on author rights and responsibilities sections from the IEEE web site Author Tools page provide very useful guidance for authors.