Presenting TMECH Paper at AIM 2019


Authors of TMECH accepted papers (regular and short papers as well as Focused Section papers) between August 1, 2018 and March 1, 2019 will have the option to present their paper at the AIM 2019 in Hong Kong. This will provide a venue for the TMECH authors to promote and highlight their publication to the international mechatronics community. The authors will be able to submit the details of their accepted TMECH paper as a presentation only submission (TMECH Presentation) in the AIM paper submission site.  

A paid full Advanced Conference Registration is needed to submit the TMECH Presentation. For authors who have paid a full Advanced Conference Registration, TMECH Presentation submission will not be counted against the allowable submission limit.

Final Paper Submission Procedure
Please submit the abstract in PDF as your final paper, and one-slide PPT as additional attachment.  

Important Dates:

April 1, 2019 Deadline for TMECH papers to submit abstract to AIM submission site for inclusion into AIM program
May 1, 2019 AIM acceptance (include TMECH papers) notification
May 22, 2019 Final paper submission. TMECH papers submit abstract and one-slide PPT to be included in the program booklet. Advanced Conference Registration is needed to submit TMECH Presentation final files.