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2009 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium
Mar. 30, 31 & Apr. 1, 2009, Nassau Inn in Princeton, NJ, USA

Sponsored by: IEEE

Co-sponsors: MTT     EDS     Princeton University    APS       


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Executive Panels


Commercial Pannel

New Role of Millimeter-Waves in Commercial Wireless Networking and the Co-existence between Military and Commercial Applications

Panel Chair:
Dr. Elias Kpodzo
Senior Principal Engineer, BAE Systems, New Jersey, USA.

List of Panelists:

1. David M. Britz
Principal Technical Staff Member, AT&T Labs Research - Shannon Labs, New Jersey, USA.

2. Edouard Pereira
Optics CTO for Radio Evolution, Alcatel-Lucent, France.

3. Dr. Barry S. Perlman,
Associate Director for Technology, U.S. Army Communications-Electronics R&DE Center, New Jersey, USA.

4. Dr. Mohsen Sarraf
Senior Scientist, Telcordia Technologies, New Jersey, USA