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2009 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium
Mar. 30, 31 & Apr. 1, 2009, Nassau Inn in Princeton, NJ, USA

Sponsored by: IEEE

Co-sponsors: MTT     EDS     Princeton University    APS       


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Student Paper/Poster Session Information

The authors of all accepted student papers must prepare a poster for the symposium. Poster format: 4 ft horizontally and 3 ft vertically. Boards and thumbtacks will be provided.

Three best papers will be awarded cash prizes. Awards will be based on originality, content, paper and poster quality.

Student poster papers are not treated as regular technical papers. No copyright transfer is required for student poster papers. They will be included in the proceedings (on a CD-ROM), but won't be published through the IEEE Xplore digital library.

# Authors Title
1. Xianglin Deng and Malcolm Shore
Advanced flooding attack on a SIP server.
2. Muhammad Hameed Siddiqi, Irshad Ahmad and Suziah Bt Sulaiman Edge link detector based weed classifier.
3. Ahmed Boutejdar and Abbas Omar Size reduction and improvement reject band of lowpass filter structure by using a new Meander defected ground structure (DGS) as resonator.
4. Ahmed Boutejdar and Abbas Omar
A new compact lowpass filter using two coupled half-circle DGS resonators and coupling matrix method.
5. Chen Xu and PJ Radcliffe A novel mobility solution based on L2TP/IPsec tunnel.
6. Sonali S. Kudwe
RF based home appliance control system.
7. Yang Gao and Jianhua Ge Comparison of DSTBC decoding methods for nonconstant modulus constellations.
8. Li Xi A smart card remote authenticated key agreement protocol for multi-servers using pairings.
9. Natarajan Ramachandran and Dinesh Jaswant Singh, ASTHRA
An automated robotic vehicle for effective locomotion and effective patient monitoring using embedded systems.
10. Rachna Somkunwar A system for digitations and automatic processing of cheque.
Chinmay Chakraborty
A study on internetworking between SIP and PSTN networks.
12. Songnan Xi and Michael D. Zoltowski Maximum SINR transmit beamforming for multiuser MIMO systems with limited feedback.
13. S. K. Samanta, J. Woods and M. Ghanbari Future mobile billboard.
14. Limin Meng, Kai Zhou, Wenjun Shen, Jingyu Hua and Zhijiang Xu Research in grover routing algorithm based on quantum searching theory for mobile ad hoc networks.
15. V. J. Yeshwenth, Naveen Krishna and R. Udhayaprakash Exploiting the flexibility of MAC layer in WiMAX networks for improved data and VoIP traffic.
16. Thazin Ei and Wang Furong, A handoff algorithm based on location and trajectory of the mobile terminal.
17. Martin Hynes and Liam Kilmartin

The effect of path failure on SCTP handover performance in a multi-homed client.
18. Zhong Gao, Huike Li and Guanming Lu Applying support vector machine fuzzy network in network state identification for streaming media transmission in 3G multimedia services
19. Ambarish Roy, Bradley P. Barber, Vinay S. Kulkarni and Kanti Prasad Material acoustic speed and density parameter extraction in solidly mounted resonators.
20. Gami Hiren, Qasaymeh M. M, Nizar Tayem, Ravi Pendse, M. E. Sawan An efficient time delay estimator for frequency hopping system using propagator method.
21. Qasaymeh M. M, Gami Hiren, Nizar Tayem, Ravi Pendse, M. E. Sawan, Propagator method for OFDM blind carrier offset estimation
22. Gami Hiren, Qasaymeh M. M, Nizar Tayem, Ravi Pendse, M. E. Sawan Rank-revealing triangular factorization carrier offset estimator for OFDM system.
23. Gami Hiren, Qasaymeh M. M, Nizar Tayem, Ravi Pendse, M. E. Sawan Triangular factorization for semiblind multiuser MIMO channel estimation.
24. Gordhan Das Menghwar, Bujar Krasniqi, Asif Ali Shah and Christopher F. Mecklenbrauker Cooperative space-time codes with opportunistic network coding.
25. Li Xu Management of wireless sensor networks under challenging environments.
26. T. Kuganeswaran, X. N. Fernando and L. Guan A pixel based dynamic algorithm for correlation noise estimation in distributed video coding.
27. Hossein Malekpour and Abbas Malekpour Fair balanced load sharing – SCTP path selection.