On-campus Accommodation

The University of Bath provides on-campus accommodation. There are three types of rooms available for congress period.

The rates are listed below:
Double room: £66 per night
Budget Single Room with Shared Bathroom: £36 per night
Superior Single Room: £52.5 per night

For more information and booking, please check HERE.

On-campus accommodation is in Woodland Court. For arrivals after 20.00, please go to the Security Desk in the Library. The colloquium is held in the East Building. All of these locations are marked on the campus map. Security can be contacted 24 hours a day on 01225 383853.


Need Help?

If you need any further help to book on-campus accommodation or other hotles in the city, please contact Mr. Dian Liu <d.liu@bath.ac.uk>.


Internet Access

The University provides wireless internet access via Eduroam. You may like to read the instructions for visitors.

If you are unable to use the Eduroam network, you can use the _The Cloud wifi service on campus. You may like to read the instructions.


Places to eat

Bath is a tourist town, so there are lots of restaurants to choose from: you will not have any trouble finding places to eat. Below we list some of the places we like to go. The opinions below are those of Guy McCusker unless otherwise stated.

Pub Grub

This pub serves an excellent selection of English beer from independent breweries, with a range of delicious pies available in the evenings before 9pm. If you don't want pie and mash (or pie and chips) you should probably eat somewhere else, but for pie, mash and beer, this place cannot be beaten. A meal will cost you £8.80.

Fish and Seafood

Loch Fyne specialises in fish and seafood, especially oysters and smoked salmon, but also serves meat and vegetarian dishes. People who like lobster tell me the lobster is good. Around £20 per head, more if you want lobster.


Bath has two kaiten sushi restaurants: sit at the conveyor belt and help yourself.

This is my preferred sushi place in Bath. An independent restaurant serving simple, well-prepared food at good prices: £15 per head should feed you. The local Japanese community seems to enjoy eating here and I am told it is quite authentic.

One of a nationwide chain. Decent quality food, slightly pricier than Yen, slightly fancier-looking dishes, with a bright and shiny modern feel. Allow £15 - 20 per head.


Hudson Steakhouse Bar and Grill
14 London St, Bath BA1 5BU 
Tel: 01225 332323 

A very nice steak restaurant, somewhat upmarket: probably £30 per head plus drinks. Booking advised.


This being England, there are lots of Indian restaurants around and you are unlikely to go wrong with any of them. Here are two that have served us well in the past.

Located in a basement below Milsom Street, Bath's central shopping street, this restaurant serves a broad menu and I have never been disappointed with the quality. Good value too: £12-15 per head plus drinks.

Located just opposite the Holiday Inn, and right next to Sainsbury's Petrol Station (!!!), this is an exceptional restaurant serving beautifully presented Indian-style food. It is not a traditional "curry house": it describes itself as "Indian Dining" which gives the right idea. It is not cheap (£30 per head or so) but highly recommended. Booking advised.


Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's range of Italian restaurants serve reliably good Italian-style meals at medium prices, £15-20 per head plus drinks. You cannot book a table, which might suit a crowd of wandering conference delegates if you are prepared to wait 15-30 minutes to be seated.


One of a national chain serving noodles and rice-based dishes derived from Japanese cuisine. You cannot book a table, so you might need to wait 15-30 minutes to be seated, but this place has some very large tables so would suit a larger group. Very informal with a somewhat "fast food" atmosphere. £15 per head or so.

An independent Thai restaurant. I have never eaten here but it comes recommended by our Thai PhD students!

This relatively new independent Chinese restaurant comes highly recommended by our Chinese PhD students.

Something for everyone

Bistro-style food with something of everything on the menu. I have never been there but John Power recommends it! The location is good, near the Royal Crescent. Looks like costing about £20 per head.

A sister to the Lime Lounge above, located very close to the Holiday Inn.



There are lots of pubs in Bath. In addition to the Raven (see above) I recommend the following two pubs. Both are small-ish, cosy, and very traditional, serving very good beer.

The Old Green Tree
12 Green Street, Bath BA1 2JZ 
Tel: 01225 448259

Two tiny rooms. Don't come here in a large group!

This is a little walk north out of the centre of town, but well worth it. Probably my favourite Bath pub.



Like every city in the UK, Bath is crammed with coffee shops. However, there is one that stands out above the crowd.

Colonna and Small's
6 Chapel Row, Bath BA1 1HN
Tel: 07766 808067

Hands down the best coffee shop I have ever been to. If you like coffee you are strongly advised to visit this place, which could almost be described as a coffee laboratory. Amazing.