The IEEE Student Ethics Competition is sponsored by the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee (EMCC). It is developed for use at IEEE student events to encourage the study and awareness of professional ethics by IEEE Student and Graduate Student Members. The competition includes a presentation and defense of a case analysis by teams of students. Specific objectives of the competition program are:

- To foster familiarity with the IEEE Code of Ethics and ethical concepts,

- To promote a model for discussing and analyzing ethical questions, and

- To provide experience in applying ethical concepts to typical professional situations.



- Teams can be of either 2 or 3 IEEE student members.

- Individual team members must belong to the same IEEE Student Branch.

- Participants must be IEEE Student or Graduate Student Members in good standing.



Based on the judging criteria, the competition judges will determine winner and runner-up winning teams.

Prize money for the winning team is $400.

Prize money for the runner-up team is $200.

The funds will be distributed to the winning and runner-up IEEE Student Branches.

Upon completion of the event, the competition organizer will notify the EMCC of the winning teams so that the prize money can be disbursed. Winners will be notified at the Congress closing ceremony. A list of winners will be made available on the IEEE Ethics & Member Conduct Committee webpage.

Certificates of participation are available to all participants. All certificates will be signed by the President of the IEEE and by the Chair of the IEEE Ethics and Member Conduct Committee (EMCC).