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Janet O'Neil, Editor-in-Chief

Fall 2011 – Issue No. 231

Letter from the Editor

President’s Message

Chapter Chatter

EMC Chapters Recognized at the 2011
IEEE EMC Annual Awards Luncheon

2011 IEEE EMC Annual Chapter Chair Training and Dinner

EMC Personality Profile

EMC Society History
EMC Society Newsletter Articles 50–25–10 Years Ago

Quasies and Peaks – The Precursor to the EMC Society Newsletter-June 1955

A Tribute to EMC Pioneers

Practical Papers, Articles and Application Notes
Field Distribution in a Stripline and Its Influence on Immunity Testing
EMI Filter Design Part I: Conducted EMI Generation Mechanism
Extended Ground Pin as ESD Protection on Automatic Document Feeder Door Sensor

Call for Papers – Signal Integrity

Scenes from the 2011 IEEE International Symposium on EMC

EMC Annual Awards

iNARTE Review of EMC 2011

Global EMC University in Long Beach at EMC 2011


Our Three New Distinguished Lecturers for 2012

EMC Standards Activity

Standards Workshops Introduce Proficiency Testing

Education and Student Activities Committee (ESAC)

EMC Experiments and Demonstrations at EMC 2011

EMC Society Board of Directors Meeting

Say Thanks to the EMC Society with a Legacy Gift

Junior Technical Program at EMC 2011

Thanks for the Memories


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