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Latest on CANDE Predictions: (updated September 2001 by Ian Getreu, getreu@cadence.com) prediction process

Prediction History: A Narrative 

(source: Contributions from Richard Newton, Wayne Wolf and other CANDE stalwarts) Retold by Rajesh Gupta.

Way back in 1979, before EDA, before workstations and general use of Unix, even before DMV (Daisy Mentor Valid), Dr. Bill McCalla, then with Signetics, and Dr. Jerry Sullivan, then with Philips, organized a meeting with a small group of experts to try to identify the most important topics and directions for Integrated Circuit Design Technology (then called IC CAD) in the years ahead -- specifically, the next few years; the early 1980s. The result of the meeting was a list of eight important topics and the root of a CANDE tradition for more than two decades.

1986, the CANDE committee used Dr. Sullivan's approach as a basis for a series of five-year predictions -- the CANDE Predictions for Design Technology. The first predictions made were for the early 1990s.

In 1987, our colleagues in Europe followed our lead and at their CAVE workshop, generated their own list of predictions for the early 1990s.

In 1991, the Committee met once again and predictions for mid to late nineties.

In 1996, the Committee met to make predictions for the early years of the next century as well as reviewing our accuracy with the last preditictions!