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The 5th IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference (VPPC'09)
September 7-11, 2009, Dearborn, MI 48128
Sustainability, Hybrid, Plug-in, Battery

Plenary Session Speakers (click to download presentation)

Come and hear the inside of hybrid, plug-in, and battery technology advancement from our Keynote speakers, experts from the government, military, automotive OEM, supplier, utility companies, academia, from the US, Asia, and Europe.

(Most presentations are available for download below. For others, please contact the presenter directly)


Gus Khalil, Team Leader, US Army TARDEC, Hybrid Electric Program; Presentation

David Howell, Acting Team Leader for Hybrid and Electric Systems, DOE EERE FreedomCar Office; Presentation

Industry (Automotive OEM, Supplier, Utility):

Robert Lee, Vice President - Powertrain Product Engineering, Chrysler, LLC; Presentation

Larry Burns, Vice President, R&D and Strategic Planning, General Motors; Presentation

John Miller, Vice President,  Maxwell Technologies, IEEE Fellow; Presentation

Haukur Asgeirsson, P.E. Manager, Detroit Edison Power Systems Technologies, DTE Energy; Presentation

Nancy Gioia, Director, Sustainable Technology and Hybrid Program, Ford Motor Company; Presentation


James Irvine, President of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

Deepak Divan, President of IEEE Power Electronics Society: Presentation


Frank Barnes, National Academy of Engineering, Recipient of Bernard M. Gordon Prize from National Academy of Engineering, IEEE Fellow, Distinguished Professor, Department of Electric and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado at Boulder; Presentation

CC. Chan, Professor, University of Hong Kong, Fellow IEEE, Academician, Chinese Engineering Academy; Presentation

Mark Ehsani, Professor, Fellow IEEE, Texas A&M University; Please contact speaker for Presentation

Jason Lai, Professor, Fellow IEEE, Virginia Tech:  Presentation; Presentation

Ann Marie Sastry, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Mechanical, Biomedical and Materials Science and Engineering Director, Energy Systems Engineering Program;  Presentation


Panel: Energy Policy and Future Transportation

Chair: Jame Gover

Dennis Assanis, National Academy of Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan;  Presentation

Dr. Tom Gentile, Chairman of the IEEE USA Energy Policy Committee;  Presentation

Michael Delaney, DTE Energy Ventures;  Presentation

Ali Emadi, President and CEO, HEVT, Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology;  Presentation

Giorgio Rizzoni, Professor and Director, Center for Automotive Research, the Ohio State University;  Presentation

Mr. Sean Gleason, Technical Specialist, Hybrid Programs,  GM;  Presentation

The panel discussed the implication of future transportation and impact of energy policy;  Presentation


Panel: Bridge the Gap between Government, Industry & Academia

Chair: Jay Iyengar and John Z. Shen

Mr. John Wood,  Executive Director, Automotive Partnership Canada;  Presentation

Marcia S. Black-Watson, Deputy Director - Employers, Bureau of Workforce Transformation, Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, State of Michigan;  Presentation

Mr. Timothy Grewe, Chief Engineer, Hybrid Programs,  GM;  Presentation

Dr. Mircea Gradu,  Director of Transmissions and Driveline and Head of Virtual Engineering, Chrysler Group LLC;  Presentation

Dr. Sankar Dasgupta, Head of Electrovaya, Canada;  Presentation

Yann Guezennec; Ohio State University; Guezennec

The round table session titled " Bridging the gap between industry, government and academia for developing electrified vehicle technology" focused on connecting automotive OEMs and supplier needs with applied research at academia, discuss the role of the government & emphasize the evolving nature of private-public partnerships. This is expected to be a very enlightening, engaging and lively discussion. Please attend to discuss your views with this distinguished list of panelists.