Refresher Courses

ROC Analysis in Medical Imaging
Time: Thursday, Oct. 26, 07:00-07:45
Location: Centennial III
Instructor: Professor Matthew A. Kupinski

This course will cover receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis and the application of ROC analysis in medical imaging. This course will not assume any prior knowledge on the subject and will start by discussing how observers, both humans and model observers, can map image data to decision variables which forms the basis for ROC analysis. The benefits and limitations of ROC-based figures of merit will be discussed as well as tests of significance and multi-reader, multi-case (MRMC) analysis. We will also touch upon the topics of ROC curve fitting, existing software, and ROC variants such as localization ROC (LROC) analysis.

GPU Programming for Image Science
Time: Friday, Oct. 27, 07:00-07:45
Location: Centennial III
Instructor: Professor Luca Caucci

This presentation provides a general overview of GPU technology and CUDA programming. We will discuss how GPUs differs from conventional CPUs and we will show how programmers can take advantage of such differences to implement efficient parallel codes that run 10 to 100 times faster than their equivalent CPU versions.