Region 3 Meetings

in conjunction with Southeastcon '98

Last update:  04/25/98


Hyatt Regency Airport Hotel
Orlando, Florida


25 April 1998, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Officer Reports - Dale Caston

1. Director's report Dale Caston
  Introduction of Special Guests  
2. Director Elect (Vice Chair) report Richard Riddle
3. Secretary's Report David Green
4. Treasurer's Report Charles Hickman#
5. Past Director Jim Beall#

Standing Committee Reports - Dale Caston

6. Awards & Recognition John Twitchell
7. Conferences Jim Howard
  - Southeastcon 98 Parveen Wahid
  - Southeastcon 99 Don Hill
  - Southeastcon 2000 M Saleh Zein-Sabatto
  - Southcon Deb Powers
8. Educational Activity Perry Wheless
9. Finance Committee Charles Hickman#
  - 1998 Budget  
10. Membership Development Bill Harrison
  Renewal on the Web David Green
11. Professional Activities Operations Com. Don Hill
  - PACE George McClure
  - USAB Emplyment Assistance David Macchiarolo
12. Communications Lee Stogner
  - BBS Vernon Powers
  - Electronic Communications Brian Swail
  - Newsletter Brian Skelton
  - Public Information Lee Stogner
13. Strategic Planning Bob Duggan
14. Student Activities Pat Donohoe
15. Regional Student Representative Joey Duvall

Area/Council Reports - Dick Riddle

(Reports from Sections to be included in their respective Area/Councils

16a Area 1/Virginia Council
Central Virginia Section
Virginia Mountain Section
Val Bodin
16b Area 2/NC Council
Eastern North Carolina Section
Winston-Salem Section
Sylvia Middleton
16c Area 3
Atlanta Section
Savanah Secion
Bill Ratcliff#
16d Area 4/Florida Council
Miami Section
Butch Shadwell
16e Area 5/Tennessee Council
East Tennessee/OakRidge Section
Nashville Section
Brian Swail
16f Area 6 Darrell Piatt
16g Area 7/SC Council Dave Hulett
16h Area 8
Lexington Section
Louisville Section
John Parr
16i Area 9
Jamaica Section
Dennis Hartley

Ad Hoc Committee Reports - Dick Riddle

17. Leadership Development Reed Thompson
18. Nominations Debbie Powers
19. '99 Sections Congress
Funding Proposal
Dan Jackson
20. Special Review Committee Roy Harris
21. GOLD Report Lea Brothers Callahan
22. Special Projects Vernon Powers
23. Old Business  
24. New Business  
25. Adjourn  

#Member will be absent for this meeting

Region 3 Meeting

26 April 1998 Sunday, 8:00AM - 12:00 Noon

1. Call to Order Dale Caston
  Introduction of Special Guests  
2. Approval of Agenda and Consent Agenda Dale Caston
3. Consent Agenda  
  Excom Minutes from Feb. 1998 Meeting  
4. Items from caucus  
5. Old Business  
6. New Business  
7. Date and Location of Next Meeting Dale Caston
  R3 Excom: 

October 24-25,1998
Edision Walthall Hotel
Jackson, Mississippi
  R3 Meeting:

March 28, 1999
Hyatt Regency Hotel
Lexington KY

8. Adjornment  

Created by David Green, Region 3 Secretary