IEEE Distinguished Lecturers & Speakers

Mike Alcorn

Engineering Consultant, Second Sight Systems

Ron Black, P.E.

Superintendent, Supply Chain Operations, Ameren

Mike A. Brown


Bart Angeli, P.E.

Supervisor, Distribution Standards Ameren

Scott Bond

Manager, Nuclear Generation Development Ameren

Rick Bonsall

Manager, Light Water Reactor Programs, Areva

Byron Flynn

Director, Smart Grid Technology, GE Energy

Dr. Imre Gyuk

Program Manager, Energy Storage Research Program, U.S. Dept of Energy

John E. Harder, P.E.

Consulting Engineer

Dennis Henson, P.E.

Supervisor, Transformer Repair Shop, Ameren

Jack Hochheimer, P.E.

Transmission Manager, Florida Power and Light Energy

Joseph L. Koepfinger, P.E.

Standards Expert, US Technical Advisor to IEC TC 8

Peggy Ladd

Manager, Transmission Regulation and Policy - Ameren

Robert Lasseter

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer in Distributed Generation

John Luth, P.E.

Manager, System Metering - Ameren

Mike McDonald, P.E.

Principal Engineer, System Protection - Ameren

Carol Moreland

Owner & President, InterAction

Mark Nealon

Manager, Reliability Improvement - Ameren

Dr. Saifur Rahman

Joseph R. Loring Professor & Director - Virginia Tech

Mr. David Schepers

Vice President, Energy Delivery Technical Services - Ameren

Dr. Thomas R Schneider

Chair of the IEEE Plug-In Hybrid Task Force

Mr. Eric Shotton, P.E.

Consulting Engineer, System Protection - Ameren

Keith Stiefermann

Consulting Engineer, Substation Maintenance - Ameren

Brian Stott

IEEE Distinguished Lecturer - Works in the field of computer applications for the secure market operation of electric power systems

Rao S. Thallam

Senior Principal Engineer, Salt River Project

Leon White

Application Engineer, G.E.