IEEE IEEE Region 3

Southeast United States and Jamaica

IEEE Region 3 Region Meetings - April 2015

Last modified: 13 October 2015

Zip file of 2015–04 web space for those who would like to put web space on your notebook computer.


Held in conjunction with SoutheastCon 2015

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina 1881 SE 17th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, US Phone: 954–463–4000

Administrative Items


Date EDT Meeting Room Convener
Friday 07:30a Breakfast Buffet Nanking
10 April 08:30a Welcome to SoutheastCon 2015, Introductions Atlantic I,II Green
2015 09:00a Rules for lightning round, IEEE Intro., Region Goals Green/Conrad
10:00a Break
10:15a Member Engagement and Life Cycle Introduction Torres
10:20a Member Recruitment and Recovery Wright
10:40a Senior Member Roundup, Pins Torres
11:40a First Year Member Experience Stogner
12:00p Lunch Nanking
01:00p Tables: Exploring Morning Items
01:30p Collabratec Green
01:55p SAMIEEE and Dashboard Galvis
02:20p Fellows, Handout, Notes Conner
02:40p Tables: Exploring Early Afternoon Items
03:10p WIE Freeman
03:30p Young Professionals Camburn
03:50p vTools, vTools Short Presentation Corr
04:10p Tables: Exploring Late Afternoon Items
04:40p Break
05:00p Reception Conference Opening Randall
05:00p SPC Dinner (by invitation only) Ratcliff
05:30p Dinner on your own
06:00p WIE Reception
07:30p Area/Council Meetings
Area 1 (VA) Mako Haynes
Area 2/North Carolina Council Amberjack Goodsom
Area 3 (GA) Poinciana Marshall
Area 4/Florida Council Marlin Anderson
Area 5/Tennessee Council Dolphin Bigelow
Area 6 (AL/MS) Palmetto Grigorian
Area 7/South Carolina Council Presidents Carroll
Area 8 (IN, KY) Governors Richardson
Area 9 (Jamaica) Tulloch-Reid
09:30p End of Meetings for Friday
Saturday 07:30a Breakfast Buffet Nanking
11 April 08:30a Welcome and Recap Atlantic I,II Randall
2015 08:40a Leadership Module: Introduction Randall/Conrad
08:45a Influencing Leadership Styles Randall
09:05a Micro-volunteering Conrad
09:25a Cook Book Conrad
09:45a Tables: Exploring Morning Items
10:15a Awards Gostin
10:45a Educational Activities Howard
11:05a STEM Literacy Iglesias
11:20a Technical Activities Reilly
11:40a IEEE Foundation Green
12:00p Lunch Nanking
01:00p Employment and Career Services Kirchner
01:20p Professional Activities/PACE Brunasso
01:40p IEEE-USA Policy Committees: Energy, R&D Shadwell
02:00p IEEE-USA Presidential Candidates: Pedersen, Grzelak Randall
02:30p Break
03:00p MOVE Montague
03:30p VIP Gostin
04:00p Break
06:00p Awards Banquet, Hardware Contest Finals Grand A-E
09:00p End of Meetings for Saturday
Sunday 07:30a Breakfast Buffet Nanking
12 April 08:30a Region 3 Committee Meeting Atlantic I-III Randall
2015 12:00p End of Conference Meetings
12:30p Conference Debriefing (by Invitation only) Atlantic IV
02:30p End of Conference Debriefing


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