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Poster Size

EDTM 2024 will provide a pin-up board that is 42 inches wide and 48 inches tall. The usable area is 39 inches wide and 45 inches tall. Please make sure the poster fits within the allowed display area. We strongly recommend A0 sized poster (33.1 x 46.8 inches) in portrait orientation.


EDTM 2024 is not mandating a specific template. Such templates are readily available online in both ppt and latex formats. We just insist on the following:

1) The poster must be legible from a distance of two meters.
2) Lettering in text and figures should be at least 5 mm, and the headings should be at least 10 mm.
3) The paper's title, the authors, and their affiliations should appear near the top of the poster in letters approximately 25 mm high.
4) Use high-contrast but soothing colours.
5) Print poster with a matt look. Glossy papers tend to distract in brightly lit rooms.


The surface of the mounting board is pushpin friendly. We will provide pins.


EDTM will NOT offer any printing service. Authors must bring the poster with them or arrange one locally on their own.

Good practices

1) The paper's central theme should be obvious to a casual reader in 30-45 seconds. This means the poster should have a narrow focus. People are rarely impressed by the volume of work. Identify and focus on THE most important aspect.

2) A poster is not a printed presentation. Invest some time to customise the layout, content, and flow.

3) Best posters communicate visually. Use graphs. Avoid walls of text.

4) The graph may be self-explanatory and familiar to you but not to others. Annotate graphs with labels, arrows, and line diagrams. Analyse the data and highlight take-home messages.

5) The reading sequence should be obvious. People tend to read left to right and top to bottom. Don't violate expectations.

6) Avoid clutter.

7) Be present during the session and engage with the attendees. Lonely posters are ignored.

8) Consider attaching an envelope underneath holding your business cards.

9) Extra information or preprints can be distributed electronically with QR codes.