the 2016 nss/mic conference app

The 2016 NSS/MIC Conference app is designed to replace the traditional Program Booklet, the Abstract collection, the Exhibitor Guide, and to give you new ways of enjoying the Conference.

You can browse through the (constantly up-to-date) program and all the events taking place during the Conference (sessions, talks, excursions, short courses, refresher courses, exhibitors’ sessions...). You can also create your own personalized schedule, take notes, find your way through the convention center and locate a poster, an exhibitor, and a session room. You can contact other attendees or exhibitors, exchange your contact information, download documentation, and always have the latest content.

The app is supported on phones and tablets running iOs and Android. For those using laptops, older versions of Android, or other devices, there is a web version of the app. The app will synchronize your notes, personal schedule, and other information between multiple device as well as the web version. To use this feature, you must create your own account at Crowd Compass.

To download the app, look in the corresponding “app store” for your device for “IEEE NSS MIC”

To access to the app web interface please go to this page