social events

A number of fun and exciting social activities, as well as events and meetings on unique topics, will be offered throughout the week of the conference. Some require payment of a fee and others are complimentary. The following events are planned for the various conference Programs – individual detailed descriptions will soon follow.

nss dinner

monday, 31 october 2016, 19:30-22:00, pavillon joséphine

Savoir vivre en France - This year there will a NSS Dinner instead of the traditional NSS Luncheon.

To enjoy the savoir vivre en France, for an evening with food, music and colleagues, we ask you to consider joining us for the NSS dinner on Monday evening.

A three course menu including drinks will be served with musicians from Strasbourg performing a chambre orchestra concert between the courses. The dinner and atmosphere is designed to allow time to listen and relax.

The dinner will take place in the beautiful Pavillon Joséphine in the Parc de l'Orangerie. Tickets are available starting at 70 Euro with early registration.

The apertif will start at 19:30 on Monday evening. You can easily find your way to the Pavillon Josephine either by foot or tram using your complimentary Metro pass. Directions from the Convention Center to the Pavillon Josephine are given below.

Route instructions:

Either by walking or by tram, the route will take about 25min.

By Tram: Take Tram Line E to the "Droits de l'Homme" stop and walk into the "Parc de l'Orangerie" or take bus 6, 30, or 72 to the "Orangerie" stop.

By Foot: 25min walk – Google Map link here.

mic dinner

friday, 04 november 2016, 19:00-23:30, palais universitaire

The MIC dinner will be an unforgettable experience of architectural charm and imaginative entertainment. It will be held in the University Palace (Palais Universitaire) in Strasbourg city center. The Palais Universitaire is a neo-Renaissance style building whose construction was completed in 1884. The building’s rich history includes the first ever session of the European Parliament that was held there in 1949. One of the most impressive features of the building is the main hall, the Aula, where the dinner will take place. This hall, classified as a national historic monument in 1990, is modeled on the facade of an italian villa, the Villa Garzoni, build in 1540 in Pontecasale, Candiana. A glass roof and a monumental seated statue of Ramses II decorates this magnificent hall.

The evening will start with an aperitif and a concert from the University Philarmonic Orchestra in the nearby St Paul’s church. This is an impressive neo-gothic church constructed at the end of the XIX century with one of the highest church facades in Strasbourg at 66m. The main dinner entertainment will include the worldwide reference in water shows and special effects, Aquatic Show International. They have over the last thirty years established themselves as the world leaders ensuring major international shows around the world, and will be there for the MIC dinner within the Aula hall of the Palais Universitaire. The aquatic show will be accompanied by a solist from the University of Strasbourg Philarmonic Orchestra.

rtsd luncheon

tuesday, 01 november 2016, boat trip and maison kammerzel

Please join us for the RTSD Luncheon event including a boat trip and a lunch in the historical center of Strasbourg. The boat trip will bring us to the old town of Strasbourg along the tour „Strasbourg, grande île“. It will be followed by a relaxing and enjoyable meal at the Maison Kammerzell. Maison Kammerzell is a historical (dates back to 1427), charming and beautiful restaurant located in the middle of the old town. It has a reputation as one of the most desirable restaurant venues in the city center with magnificent rooms and excellent cuisine. The embarkation point for the boat trip is close to the conference center and can be easily reached by walking.

exhibits reception

tuesday, 01 november 2016, 19:00-21:00, hall rhin, palais des congrès

There will be an exhibitor-sponsored reception on Tuesday evening for all attendees and their companions. This is a great opportunity to meet with representatives from the industrial exhibition in a casual atmosphere. Light refreshments will be served.

conference reception

wednesday, 02 november 2016, 19:00-22:00, palais des congrès

Join us for the Conference Reception on Wednesday evening. This complementary event will feature dinner and entertainment for all attendees and their companions. Enjoy the relaxing and fun atmosphere while meeting with other colleagues and making new friends.

nss social hour

friday, 04 november 2016, 12:00-13:00, galerie de berckheim (directly outside the curie room), palais des congrès

After a full week of presentations, results, and discussions, we offer a complimentary Social Hour directly following the Closing Plenary on Friday that includes drinks and light refreshments. Please join with us and your colleagues at this relaxed and casual event to close out the NSS Program.