discover the conference program

You can use two different online program schedules to find all the details of the Conference week. The classic online program, which gives you the scientific session details for the NSS, MIC, RTSD, as well as for the 3 Workshops, and the web interface of the 2016 NSS/MIC app, which gives you all the details not only about the scientific sessions but also about all the other events taking place during the week, including Short Courses, Refresher Courses, Excursions, social and special events, etc. If you create an account in the app version, you can then create a personalized schedule, visible from any device - phone, tablet, computer - as long as you log in.

We will soon also give access to a pdf version of the scientific program, in case you are more comfortable with paper, as well as the "week-at-a-glance" document, to have all the events of the week at your fingertips.