joint sessions

A series of Joint Sessions for the NSS, MIC, and RTSD communities will be organized during the week as in previous years. Those sessions are an opportunity to highlight transverse research works. Abstract submissions that are of common interest to the NSS/MIC/RTSD communities may be eligible for selection to the joint sessions. The final selection of papers to be included in the sessions will be made jointly by the program chairs. This year the joint sessions will mainly focus on dosimetry, hadron therapy and counting photon detectors.

Topics of particular relevance to these domains are:

  • Multimodality approaches
  • Front-end electronics, signal digitization and processing
  • Beam instrumentation
  • New detectors developments
  • Scintillators and photodetectors
  • Semiconductor-based imaging systems
  • Simulation, modeling and hybrid computing

  • David Brasse
    Joint Session Program Chair
    CNRS – University of Strasbourg, France