Women in Engineering (WIE) Session: Contribution of Women Scientists to Nuclear Science and Medical Imaging

Thursday, November 5, 2015, time 19:00 – 22:00
Location: Location: Meeting House, Towne Room
Organizer: Keumsil Lee

We are pleased to welcome you to the Women in Engineering (WIE) Session. This special session provides an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and experiences from their careers in an informal setting. We will also discuss

  • how to encourage young women to choose science and engineering as a career.
  • how to improve the progression of women in order to minimize the movement of women out of these fields.
  • how to combine a career with personal life
  • how to overcome barriers for the advancement of women already working in science and engineering

In addition, for the continuity of last year’s session, we will discuss about training opportunities for those want to come back to work after taking years break to take care of their children, family, and other personal issues.

Guest speakers with outstanding careers in scientific laboratories, industry, and government have been invited to give brief presentations on what they have done to get where they are today and how they have addressed the inclusion of women in their teams. These women and men are role models for generations to come. There will be keynote presentations, followed by a panel discussion on relevant issues of importance, not only to the society of women in science and engineering, but also to the general public. Students who are beginning their careers in these areas are invited to participate in the panel discussion. We hope that the WIE Session will help foster efforts to counter a recognized trend in which more developed and affluent countries have fewer women pursuing careers in science and engineering. We encourage all members of the NSS, MIC, and RTSD communities to attend this important and informative event.