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ICRA was held in St. Paul, MN, USA from May 14-18, 2012. 836 papers and videos out of 2067 submissions (apx. 40% acceptance ratio) were presented. 1735 registrants from over 45 different countries attended the conference (apx. 52% from North America, 24% from Europe and 18% from Asia). ICRA 2012 had a number of innovations including the use of iAuthenticate, a Program Smartphone app, video-recording of technical talks, and USB-drive Digest with PDF papers and videos. ICRA 2012 reduced the number of parallel tracks from recent years to only 10 (9 orals + 1 interactive). The net effect was a well-received and high-quality technical conference. For a chronology of events leading to the conference, click here.

Best Paper Awards ICRA 2012

Seven "Best Paper" awards as well as Outstanding Reviewer and Outstanding Associate Editor recognitions were presented. See the Awards page for a full-listing of nominations, awardees and photos.

Recorded Videos and Slides of Talks

Videos and PowerPoint slides of many of the talks were recorded. Technical talks, tutorials and workshops can be viewed by those who registered for ICRA 2012. Viewing needs one to sign up for a TechTalk ID. Follow this step-by-step process before viewing videos.

Publicly viewable (no password needed) Videos viewable by those who paid ICRA registration (TechTalk Member ID will be needed) Videos viewable by those who paid a Workshop registration fee (TechTalk Member ID will be needed) Videos For Purchase: - for those who did not register for ICRA or Workshops




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